Happy 4th of July – America’s Independence Day – In God we still trust

via http://www.crosscards.com (Scripture actually from 2 Corinthians 3:17)

Lyrics via http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/diamond-rio/in-god-we-still-trust

You place your hand on His Bible, when you swear to tell the Truth
His name is on our greatest Monuments, and all our money too,
And when we Pledge allegiance, there’s no doubt where we stand,
There is no separation, we’re one Nation under Him.

In God We Still Trust
Here in America
He’s the one we turn to every time
The goin’ gets rough
He is the source of all our Strength
The One who watches over us
Here in America
In God We Still Trust

Now there are those among us, who want to push Him out,
And erase His name from everything, this country’s all about,
From the Schoolhouse to the Courthouse, they’re Silencing His Word,
Now it’s time for all Believers, to make our Voices heard.

In God We Still Trust,
Here in America
He’s the one we turn to every time
The goin’ gets rough
He is the source of all our Strength
The One who watches over us
Here in America
In God We Still Trust

Here in America
Here in America
Here in America,

In God We Still Trust
Here in America,

In God We Still Trust
Here in America

We Need God in America Again

Crestina din Sudan Meriam Ibrahim: Am Nascut in Inchisoare, in Lanturi, si Fetita a Ramas Invalida


Crestina Sudaneza Meriam Ibrahim: Fetita nou nascuta este invalida, dupa ce am nascut-o in inchisoare legata cu lanturi la maini si la picioare

Sursa: Christian Post 2 Iulie 2014
Traducere Blogul Agnus Dei

Meriam Ibrahim, crestina sudaneza care a fost eliberata recent din inchisoare, dupa ce a fost condamnata la moarte, spune ca fetita ei care s-a nascut in inchisoare, este cu dezabilitati fizice, dupa ce a fost fortata sa dea nastere in inchisoare in timp ce era legata cu lanturi.

Ibrahim, care incearca sa plece din Sudan, dupa ce a fost eliberata din inchisoare, a vorbit pentru prima oara despre nasterea din 27 Mai, intr-un interviu recent cu The Guardian (o publicatie britanica). Cand a fost insarcinata in luna a opta, Ibrahim a fost condamnata la moarte pentru apostazie si adulter din cauza credintei ei de crestina. Apoi ea a fost fortata sa dea nastere in timp ce era tinuta in lanturi la Inchisoarea Federala de Femei Omdurman, din Nord Khartoum, Sudan.

Ibrahim, care mai are un baietel de un an si noua luni,  spune acum ca din cauza ca a fost fortata sa dea nastere in timp ce era legata de picioare cu lanturi, fetita ei Mara, a fost nascuta intr-o pozitie neconventionala, si acum este invalida. Ea a mai adaugat ca la varsta frageda a lui Mara, este inca neclar daca va avea nevoie de asistenta ca sa poata umbla, atunci cand va creste mai mare.

,,Am dat nastere inlantuita,” a spus Ibrahim, aducandu-si aminte de nasterea ei traumatizanta, adaugand: ,,Nu in catuse – ci cu lanturi pe picioare. Nici nu am putut sa-mi dechid picioarele, asa ca femeile au trebuit sa ma ridice de pe masa. Nu am fost culcata pe masa.”

Cand The Guardian a intrebat-o pe Ibrahim daca este ingrijorata ca astfel de conditii vor afecta sanatatea copilului, ea a raspuns: ,,Ceva s-a intamplat cu fetita,” explicand ca a fost dezabilitata fizic cand s-a nascut. ,,Nu stiu daca in viitor, va avea nevoie de suport ca sa umble sau nu.”

In momentul de fata, Ibrahim si sotul ei si copii lor se gasesc intr-un loc de adapost sigur. In timp ce Sudan afirma ca ea nu poate parasi tara, folosind documente de calatorie eliberate de Sudanul de Sud,  Departamentul de Stat al Statelor Unite spune ca femeia crestina are toate documnetele necesare pentru a parasi tara. ,,Depinde numai de guvernul din Sudan  ca sa-i dea voie sa paraseasca tara,” a spus saptamana trecuta Marie Harf, purtatoare de cuvant de la Departamentul de Stat al Statelor Unite.


Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who was recently released from prison after facing the death penalty, now says that her newborn daughter is physically disabled after she was forced to give birth in jail while in shackles.

Ibrahim, who is currently trying to leave Sudan after being freed from prison, spoke for the first time about the May 27 birth in a recent interview with The Guardian. At eight months pregnant, Ibrahim had been sentenced to death for apostasy and adultery due to her Christian faith. She was then forced to give birth while shackled in the Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison in North Khartoum, Sudan.

Ibrahim, who also has a 21-month-old son, now says that because she was forced to give birth while her legs were shackled, her daughter, Maya, was born in an unconventional position and is now physically disabled. Ibrahim added that it is unclear at Maya’s young age if she will need assistance for walking when she grows older.

„I gave birth chained,” Ibrahim recalled of the traumatizing birth, adding „Not cuffs – but chains on my legs. I couldn’t open my legs so the women had to lift me off the table. I wasn’t lying on the table.”

When The Guardian asked Ibrahim if she was concerned such conditions would affect the health of her baby, she replied, „Something has happened to the baby,” explaining that her daughter had been physically disabled by the birth. „I don’t know in the future whether she’ll need support to walk or not.”

Ibrahim was freed from prison last week after an appeals court found the lower court’s death penalty sentence to be unfounded. Ibrahim and her husband, who has dual Sudanese and U.S. citizenship, then traveled to the airport in Khartoum to leave the country and head for the U.S. They were arrested at the airport and accused of using forged travel documents to leave the country, a claim denied by Ibrahim.

Ibrahim and her husband were released from the police station after being questioned, and they have now been forced to stay in Sudan until they get their travel documents in order. Ibrahim was reportedly traveling with South Sudanese travel documents, and the Sudan government claims she needs a Sudan-issued passport to leave the country.

„It’s my right to use the papers and have a South Sudanese passport because my husband is a South Sudanese citizen. He has an American passport and South Sudanese passport,” Ibrahim told The Guardian, adding „I never forged any papers.”

The Christian mother and her family have now reportedly sought refuge somewhere in Khartoum until they can decide on their next move. Ibrahim told CNN that she’s „currently in a safe place. It’s definitely safe but not comfortable.”

Ibrahim was honest in saying that the experiences of the past month have left her unsure of the best decision that will include the least amount of risk for her family. „I can’t even decide what I should do right now. I want to travel but at the same time I don’t want to travel. But the state I’m in right now means that I’m forced to. There’s a new problem every day about me leaving.”

Although Sudan claims that Ibrahim cannot leave the country using South Sudan travel documents, the U.S. State Department has said that the Christian woman has all the necessary travel documents to leave the country. „It’s up to the government of Sudan to allow her to exit the country,” Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department, said last week. SURSA – Christian Post care citeaza detail din The Guardian UK

Cantari de la Poarta Cerului: Excelsis Worship & Desiderio Quintet – Victor’s crown (Aleluia,Tu ai biruit) Our God (Dumnezeul nostru) ♪ ♥ ♫◦° °◦°°◦

Excelsis Worship & Desiderio Quintet –

Our God (Dumnezeul nostru)

Excelsis Worship & Desiderio Quintet – Our God (Apa-i schimbat-o in vin)
writer(s): Jesse Reeves, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Johas Myrin
traducere & adaptare: Emil Cuc
Biserica Poarta Cerului Timisoara, Romania

Victor’s crown (Aleluia,Tu ai biruit)

Excelsis Worship & Desiderio Quintet – Victor’s crown
Writer(s): Israel Houghton , Kari Jobe , Darlene Zschech
Traducere&adaptare: Emil Cuc
Biserica Poarta Cerului Timisoara, Romania

Turneul Bisericii Rugul Aprins Toflea la Ploieşti 15 Iunie 2014

Vezi si

PAGINA Cantari Vasile Oprea aici

VIDEO by prediclive

Institutul Teologic Penticostal Bucuresti (ITP) Promotia 2014 si Admitere 2014

Photo Corneliu Constantineanu

Photo Corneliu Constantineanu (via E. Ciorba)

Institutul Teologic Penticostal din Bucureşti aparţine Cultului Creştin Penticostal din România şi este o instituţie confesională de învăţământ superior acreditată prin Legea Nr. 194 din 21 octombrie 2008, publicată în MONITORUL OFICIAL AL ROMÂNIEI PARTEA I Anul 176 (XX) – Nr. 724, Vineri, 24 octombrie 2008.
Toate informaţiile privitoare la concursul de admitere vor putea fi obţinute de la Secretariatul ITPB, B-dul Uverturii 210-220, sector 6, Bucureşti, prin tel: 021.434.16.23, 031.402.29.17, fax: 021.434.75.15, e-mail: secretariat@itpbucuresti.ro, sau accesând pagina web a institutului: http://www.itpbucuresti.ro.
Organizarea şi desfăşurarea concursului de admitere la Institutul Teologic Penticostal din Bucureşti se face pe baza metodologiei ITPB privitoare la organizarea şi desfăşurarea concursului de admitere, studii universitare de licenţă, sesiunile iulie şi septembrie 2014.

Specializarea: Teologie penticostală pastorală
Cifra de şcolarizare: 30 de locuri  pentru cursurile de zi (numai băieţi).
Durata studiilor universitare de licenţă:  învăţământ de zi, 4 ani.

Specializarea: Teologie penticostală pastorală
Cifra de şcolarizare: 30 de locuri  pentru cursurile IFR (numai bărbaţi)
Durata studiilor universitare de licenţă:  învăţământ cu frecvenţă redusă, 4 ani.

1. Înscrierea candidaţilor 
Perioada înscrierii: 1-16 iulie (pentru sesiunea din iulie), 1-15 septembrie (pentru sesiunea din septembrie).
Înscrierea candidaţilor la concursul de admitere, pentru sesiunea din iulie, se face la secretariatul ITPB (vezi şi rubrica Înscriere la facultate de pe site-ul ITPB)

Condiţii pentru înscriere:
La concursul de admitere se pot înscrie absolvenţi de liceu cu diplomă de bacalaureat sau ai unor şcoli echivalente cu liceul, cetăţeni ai României sau ai altor state, care şi-au echivalat diploma de absolvire a liceului la Ministerul Educaţiei Naționale. 

Toţi candidaţii trebuie să îndeplinească următoarele  condiţii:
Să facă dovada unui caracter creştin;
Să fie membri botezaţi ai unei biserici penticostale;
Să fi depus o anumită activitate în biserică;
Să aibă o înaltă ţinută morală şi un comportament exemplar;
Să manifeste interes şi  pasiune pentru lucrarea lui Dumnezeu.

La forma de IFR se pot înscrie candidaţi care îndeplinesc una din următoarele condiţii:
Să fie slujitori ordinaţi;
Să fie slujitori neordinaţi, dar implicaţi în slujire;
Să fie părinţi cu cel puţin doi copii;
Să urmeze cursurile la zi ale altor facultăţi;
Situaţiile excepţionale, care nu se încadrează în lista de mai sus, vor fi evaluate şi aprobate, după caz, de comisia de admitere.

Citeste MAI MULTE DETALII aici – http://www.itpbucuresti.ro/admitere

The Supremacy of Christ – Ravi Zacharias

http://www.kingschurch.eu – An animation done on Ravi Zacharias’ speech. VIDEO by Christianity Reason and Science

Litigation and Religious Liberty (Dallas Theological Seminary)

Darrell Bock, Kelly Shackelford

00:13-Engagement and censorship of religious ideas
05:24-The Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial case
09:18-Broader implications of cases involving religious symbols
13:11-The impact of a censorship mentality on children
16:29-How should Christians respond to health care regulation cases?
21:13-Underlying issues of the wedding photographers and florist cases
24:32-Health care regulations for churches, religious schools, and for-profits
26:18-Freedom of religious conscience and health care litigation
27:44-The central question of the religious liberty debates

VIDEO by dallasseminary

July 4th Ravi Zacharias LIVE stream 1 pm CT – The Problem of Pleasure @James Madison University

Join us for an open forum with Ravi Zacharias sponsored by the Kenya Christian Fellowship in America. This event is on the campus of James Madison University. VIDEO by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Youtube Live stream #1

The Problem of Pleasure –

An Open Forum with Ravi Zacharias

Youtube Live stream #2

Also on July 4th from  Ravi Zacharias International Ministries 2 pm CT:

John Njoroge at the Kenya Christian Fellowship in America


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