Foundations of Religious Liberty (Dallas Theological Seminary)

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Kelly Shackelford discuss religious liberty, focusing on its history, its Constitutional basis, and the parameters of the discussion.

00:13 Shackelford shares his involvement in religious liberty cases
03:40 The historical and Constitutional basis for the concept of religious liberty
06:23 The importance of freedom of conscience to the founding fathers
11:14 How do we reconcile the rights of the religious and non-religious?
14:08 The societal implications of taking away freedom of religion
17:39 Faith in ?a Providence? and its impact on the founding fathers
20:33 Past and present trends in the religious liberty conversation and court cases
26:33 Shackelford explains the roots of the religious liberty controversy
31:52 The Constitution does not promote hostility to religion

VIDEO by dallasseminary

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