Richard Wurmbrand – Why worry about things far away?

wurmbrand 20“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.” MATTHEW 6:34

„A Scotsman,traveling on a slow train from Glasgow to London, bought a ticket only to the first station; there he bought a ticket to the second, and so forth. He was asked why. His answer was, “I might have a heart attack while traveling and never reach London. In that case, I would have saved on my fare.”

What about saving on worry and apprehension? Why worry about things far away? Perhaps those fears will prove unfounded. Perhaps you will die before arriving at that critical moment. Buy a ticket for one station at a time.

Jesus is the head of His church. Being the head, He has the monopoly on headaches.
For you to have a headache because of worry is a sin.
You thereby usurp the role of the head, which belongs to Jesus alone.

Luther had a habit of going to the window in the evening and saying, “God, is it my world or Yours? Is it my church or Yours? If they are Your world and Your church, please take care of them. I am tired. I am going to bed. Good night, my God.”

Take this attitude.The Talmud says,“When the sun has set,the day is clean.” When the evening comes, leave all the past day’s problems and failures with Jesus. Take no thought of tomorrow. Sleep well. Tomorrow’s worries might never reach you.They may even vanish overnight.

Have a good day and a good night without worrying.”
Reaching Toward the Heights – Richard Wurmbrand

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