A Biblical View of Sexual Intimacy (Dallas Theological Seminary)

See another followup episode here – Ministering to People with Sexual Issues

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Gary Barnes and Debby Wade discuss sexuality and the church, focusing on a biblical view of sexual intimacy.


00:13 Recent events that affect how sexual ethics is discussed in the public square
04:21 The relevance of theology and moral philosophy to the conversation
06:23 Stretching boundaries, rejecting God’s design, and discovering the consequences
08:19 A biblical view of sexuality derived from Genesis 1 and 2
10:36 The profundity of sexual intimacy reflects God
13:05 The spiritual dimension of sexual intimacy
17:18 Healthy relationships in marriage and friendships
22:13 Complementing rather than seeking to complete your spouse
24:27 Barriers to healthy relationships between men and women
30:55 Birth statistics related to married and unmarried women
35:04 How churches can serve single women and those in diverse family structures

VIDEO by dallasseminary

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