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About spring time last year, we had been hearing different people’s stories about waiting periods in their lives, feeling like they were sowing, giving, doing their part in prayer and waiting, but still.. no fruit on the fig tree. We were also wondering and asking, when will this be provided for? When will this happen? When will I see this promise fulfilled?

God reached our hearts through these verses, so we thought we’d write a song to encourage those in seasons of waiting. Or those who look back on a season and remember His faithfulness.

We put a fun, lively melody and harmonies to these promises in Habbakuk to represent the ultimate joy: a joy that is constant in the silence and dryness, The unshakable joy in the God who saves, gives strength, hope, and is never late. The best figs are yet to come 🙂

The Fig Tree
Habbakuk 2:3, 3:17-19

Music & Lyrics: Stefanie & Sabrina Berci
Album: Your Promises
Instrumental & Recording: Alin Timofte
Whistling away: Alin Timofte
Oksana Lucaci Photography

This song is available on iTunes and Amazon, from our album, Your Promises. To order a CD, visit, or contact us at

Though the fig tree isn’t blossoming
And there’s no fruit on the vines
The olive trees are bare
There’s no crop from the ground
The flock and herd are nowhere to be found
Still I will rejoice in the Lord

I will take joy in the Lord
The God of my salvation
My God, my joy, my strength
He makes my feet like the deer
I tread on high places
Still I will rejoice in the Lord
Still I will rejoice in the Lord

Though the vision waits its appointed time
Though it feels far away, it will not lie
Though it seems to linger, patiently wait
It will come
It will not delay
Still I will rejoice in the Lord

I know my God You will not delay
I will rejoice in the Lord
When You’re my vision, You won’t delay
I will rejoice in the Lord

VIDEO by Berci Sisters

Cand Singur Esti

Ieremia 29:11, 12

11 Căci Eu ştiu gîndurile, pe cari le am cu privire la voi, zice Domnul, gînduri de pace şi nu de nenorocire, ca să vă dau un viitor şi o nădejde.

12 Voi Mă veţi chema, şi veţi pleca; Mă veţi ruga, şi vă voi asculta.

Muzica & Versuri: Alina Cirja, Stefania Ceuta, Stefanie & Sabrina Berci
Album: Your Promises
Instrumental & Recording: Alin Timofte, Studio 7
Oksana Lucaci Photography

Cantarea este disponibila pe iTunes si Amazon, de pe albumul Your Promises. Pentru a comanda CDul, vizitati sau trimiteti un email la

Cand singur esti si simti ca nu mai poti
Cand cei din jur binele nu-ti mai vor
Ai vrea sa strigi, Destul, s-a terminat
Dar Eu cu tine am un alt plan

Caci Eu cunosc gandurile Mele
Un viitor pentru tine am
Sunt o nadejde in mijlocul furtunii
Si un izvor din care sa te-adapi

Cand m-ai chemat Eu te-am ascultat
Erai cazut dar Eu te-am ridicat
Acum iti spun mereu voi fi cu tine
Si niciodata singur nu te las

Te-am incercat prin foc si prin pustiu
Te-am indemnat, cauta fata Mea
Tu m-ai cautat si M-am lasat gasit
Caci ai venit cu toata inima.

VIDEO by Berci Sisters

Cantarea cantata de Surorile Berci la Conferinta Bisericilor Penticostale 2013:

Azi vin si eu

VIDEOS by Avadani Stefan

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