Do Mormons Believe In The Same Jesus As Christians?

Brett Kunkle compares the Jesus of Mormonism to the Jesus of Christianity to see if they are in fact the same.

Brett Kunkle:

The simple answer is no. And, here’s how we would know that.

The law of identity tells us that if two things are identical, they’re gonna share all the same properties. So, you’ve got the Mormon Jesus, you’ve got the Christian Jesus. If they’re identical, if they’re the same Jesus, they’re gonna have all the same properties. So, we start looking and say: „Ok, tell me about the Mormon Jesus. Who is the Mormon Jesus?”

  1. He was born of a virgin
  2. He lived a sinless life
  3. He died on the cross to atone for our sins
  4. He rose from the dead

So far, so good.

But, there’s more information. What about His preexistence? What about that view from Mormons about Jesus?

Mormons believe:

  1. He is literally the first born of the heavenly Father. The heavenly Father and the goddess wife  are having spirit children and Jesus is literally the first born.
  2. So, He’s a created being
  3. He’s the brother of Lucifer, on that view
  4. He’s your brother and my brother.

So, when we start looking at the preexistence of Jesus we discover, wait a second, no, the Mormon view of Jesus is radically different in the preexistence, than the Christian view.

The Christian view is that:

  1. Jesus is not a created being
  2. He has always eternally been Jesus, the second member of the Trinity

And so, they don’t share those properties. They don’t share those characteristics, so we would have to include that the Mormon Jesus is not the same as the Christian Jesus.

And this is why it is so important in the churches that we are theologically equipping the church, so that they can understand how to differentiate.

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