How Should I Respond To A Mormon Testimony?

Brett Kunkle ( explains how we are to respond as Christians to a Mormon testimony. VIDEO by oneminuteapologist

We were approached by 2 Mormon girl missionaries in a park, and it seems their testimony statements are carefully planned, because they said exactly what Brett Kunkle says they would.

Howshould I respond to a Mormon’s testimony?

Brett Kunkle:

Well, Mormons are going to offer, as the final justification for what they believe, their testimony: „I read the Book of Mormon, I prayed about it and then God told me that it was true.”

I think there are several things you can do to respond:

  1. You can show them that this is not a method they use to determine the truth of anything else. So, I’ll respond with a question. I’ll ask them, „Well, do you pray to find out murder is wrong, as well?” They’ll look at me, „Well, of course not.” „Well, how do you know that murder is wrong, then?” „Well, it says so in God’s word.” And so, I’m kind of helping them to open up their ideas of knowing how we know the truth of things, by helping them see that they appeal to Scripture.
  2. Then, I’ll also show them what Scripture says about how we know things. And so, I’ll point them to Acts 17, because of course, we have common ground here: They accept the Scriptures. Acts 17 tells us that the Bereans are more noble then the Thessalonikans because they received Paul’s word with gladness and then they examined the Scriptures to see if it was true. So. I wanna say, „Hey, take that testimony and measure the content of it against the Scriptures.
  3. And then, I’ll also multiply testimonies. „Okay, what if I read the Book of Mormon and God tells me it’s false? What about the muslim who prays about the Koran and God tells him the Koran is true?”

And so, I think those are some simple ways that we can respond to the testimony to help them see it’s not a reliable source, alone, for finding out the truthfulness of their religion.”

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