Tim Keller Session 1: Vision New England, Lowell, MA

Tim Keller discusses an organic and vulnerable presentation of the Gospel that presents a practical theology of evangelism by creating a lay ministry community and designing a culture of inclusion. Keller elaborates how the Gospel eliminates pride, fear, pessimism and indifference. He encourages Christians to make the development of friendship the focus of evangelism. Apologetics, the attempt to explain Christianity so it makes intellectual sense, is no longer listened to in contemporary culture. In contrast, Keller shares one of Pascal’s pensees, „Make good men wish Christianity could be true and prove it so.”

Keller describes how J.R.R.Tolkien identified the reasons why people crave fantasy- the desire to step outside of time, to escape death, to experience a love that never ends, to communicate with non-human beings, and to see good triumph over evil. Christianity explains these longings and if „Jesus Christ is who He said He is, that’s all going to come true.” Keller challenges Christians, „Do we know how to present the Gospel to the average person in such a way that he/she wishes it were true?”

VIDEO by  PrayTV

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