A non historian gets wide publicity for ‘concluding’ that Jesus never existed……….

You may also find this previously posted article of interest  to this discussion- Historical (NON BIBLICAL) Evidence of the EXISTENCE of JESUS (Essential Apologetics)

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~A non historian gets wide publicity for ‘concluding’ that Jesus never existed………. Michael Paulkovich argues from silence, saying, „‘When I consider those 126 writers, all of whom should have heard of Jesus but did not….. I must conclude that Christ is a mythical character,’  He also claims that Josephus never mentioned Jesus, that the reference must have been added much later by scribes.(Quote from http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

If you have high school and college kids, here’s a good article responding to a writer/authors’s claim that he researched 126 texts in the first century and he did not find one historical mention of Jesus in them. This writer, Michael Paulkovich is also a member of the Council for Secular Humanism. You can be sure that his book ‘No meek Messiah’ will wind up being assigned in classes across the colleges and universities in order to deny that Jesus even existed…..

Here is the article, from The Blaze –http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/10/01/writers-wild-claim-about-jesus-and-the-bible-a-mythical-super-savior-on-a-suicide-mission/

And a couple of links that The Blaze mentions, which can be helpful –

(1) GotQuestions, org – Is there any historical evidence that Jesus existed? –http://www.gotquestions.org/did-Jesus-exist.html

(2) An atheist takes Paulkovich to task on his conclusion. This is pretty interesting, an atheist who believes that evidence din in fact show Jesus existed, but probably rejects Christ’s deity and biblical account. Read it here, and also pay attention to the comments, Paulkovich actually responds in the first posted comment – http://thewrongmonkey.blogspot.com/2014/09/an-open-letter-to-michael-paulkovich.html

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