History and Organization of the Roman Catholic Church [Part 2] Contrasting Distinctives of Protestantism and Catholicism (Dallas Theological Seminary)

See Part 1 here – History and Organization of the Roman Catholic Church [Part 1] – Comparing Roman Catholicism with Protestantism (Dallas Theological Seminary)

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Scott Horrell and Dr. Michael Svigel discuss Catholicism and Protestantism, focusing on various distinctives of both traditions.


00:13 Issue #2: The role of tradition in various branches of Christianity
04:49 Issue #3: The role of the Catholic Church in salvation and grace
08:28 Issue #4: Catholic and Protestant perspectives of the Eucharist
15:45 Issue #5: Catholic and Protestant perspectives of Justification
19:55 Issue #6: The Priesthood of all believers in Protestantism
24:52 Political and sociological structures in Catholicism
28:20 Issue #7: Veneration of the Saints and the Virgin Mary in Catholicism


VIDEO by dallasseminary

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