Al Mohler on Halloween

Dr. Al Mohler writes about the difference in celebrating a holiday such as Christmas and one such as Halloween, from 2 years ago.

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What to do about Halloween and your kids? Dr. Mohler writes about its roots and also notes the fact that there is a difference between celebrating a holiday like Halloween vs. the Christmas holiday:

While affirming that make-believe and imagination are part and parcel of God’s gift of imagination, Christians should still be very concerned about the focus of that imagination and creativity. Arguing against Halloween is not equivalent to arguing against Christmas. The old church festival of “All Hallow’s Eve” is by no means as universally understood among Christians as the celebration of the incarnation at Christmas.

and he calls on parents to make careful decisions on what their children celebrate:

Christian parents should make careful decisions based on a biblically-informed Christian conscience. Some Halloween practices are clearly out of bounds, others may be strategically transformed, but this takes hard work and may meet with mixed success.

The coming…

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