Report from Ravi Zacharias team visit to Ukraine

Photo credit RZIM Romania

Greetings from Kiev!

The RZIM team is just wrapping up an intense time of ministry with Mission Ukraine, as the past five days have been filled with unprecedented open doors and unique evangelistic opportunities. Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden were invited to Ukraine to address pastors and churches from a wide array of different denominations, as well as to speak to students and faculty from the academic community in a range of events.

“A few months ago, we received the invitation from mission leaders in Ukraine asking us to come for a series of meetings and programs in Kiev,” recalled Zacharias. “This was the only week I had set aside in my calendar to take a vacation with my family after 200 days on the road this year. I asked my wife what she thought, and she said, ‘How can we talk about a vacation when a nation is struggling to survive?’ Margie was very supportive, and we both understood the urgency of the needs in Ukraine at this time. That is why we are here.”

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