2. The Reliability of the New Testament (Textual Corruption)

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Is the New Testament reliable or is it based on dated copies and filled with errors. This video addresses these claims and refutes objections variants affect Christians doctrine.


  • Dethroning Jesus – Darrell Bock & Dan Wallace
  • Fabricating Jesus – Craig Evans
  • A General Introduction to the Bible – Norman L. Geisler & William E. Nix
  • Trusting the New Testament – JP Holding
  • Misquoting Jesus – Bart Ehrman
  • The Text of the Earliest New Testament Greek Manuscripts – Phillip Comfort & David P. Barrett
  • The Text of the New Testament – Bruce Metzger & Bart Ehrman
  • Prescription Against Heresy – Tertullian

Bart Ehrman vs. James White Debate:

Dan Wallace Lectures:

See PART 1 here –

1. The Reliability of the New Testament (Introduction)

VIDEO by InspiringPhilosophy

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