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Who are we? Why do we exist? What is this world all about? Every professor in high school, and in college, and university will try to manipulate your mind to think as they do, to interpret the world through their own glasses. I like to teach young people something that I was taught in 1951. Someone approached me when I was in my first year at the University of Cluj in 1951.

Communism came to Romania 3 years earlier, in 1948. They didn’t have marxist professors in the beginning.They just came from Moscow and they were going to indoctrinate us, brainwash us and build in us a marxist world view. We shouldn’t let them have our minds. They told me how we constitute a small group and we should meet in secret to learn how to defend or minds against marxist indoctrination. Now, that was the most dangerous thing to imagine. For much smaller things they would finish with you. Somebody wants to manipulate my mind. But we dared, and for me it was a fantastic thing, to understand  that there is a battle for my mind and I shall not let them have it.

I want to tell you that the professors in America are even more vicious than in the marxist Romania.

They are atheist professors, not all of them, but there are vicious atheist professors who want to destroy your Christian mind. So, at least, beware that there is a battle for your mind. But, there is a way in which you can say [respond]: NO WAY! I’LL THINK the WAY I WANT to THINK. Not as you want me to think.  We will come back to this tomorrow and Wednesday, but tonight I want to do a different thing- something you will not see in books, something you will not hear in the pulpits.

This world was created by somebody. As scholars do research these days, they came to understand more and more that the planet earth was so construed that it is particularly designed for human beings. Scientifically, it’s called the anthropic principle. Anthropos, a Greek man, the anthropic principle says that everything was conceived by the Creator to produce and sustain human beings. Why did He take pains to conceive and build a planet, especially designed for people like me? What’s His purpose?

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Biserica Ekklesia din Peoria, Arizona (26.01.2015) 3 Seri dedicate formarii caracterului si pastrarii fericirii tale.

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I wrote  a brochure called ‘Marxism, the faded dream’ –  ‘Locul crestinului in socialism’, printed in England. It was translated in English, the first time, with the title ‘The Christian Manifesto’. Well, I was arrested, I was charged with propaganda which endangered the security of the state. I spent six months under house arrest, having to report daily to the secret police for interrogation. It was one of the greatest times of my life. God was never so close to me and to Elisabeth as at that time. What great experiences with God! After they let me go free, a doctor met me in Cluj and said, „What did you write?” I told him. He said, ” We all think like you, but we mind our little place. Why didn’t you mind your own place? Why did you stick your head out?” „Because I am in my Father’s world and God told me to tell this communist system why they fail.”

You see, my passion to understand my God, and I’ll tell you something very important, when you put your heart to understand  what God is doing and what God is up to, it will happen to you, what had happened to me. In June of 1977, God gave me a vision as to how communism is going to collapse, all of a sudden. Now, in 1981, they threw me out of the country and I became a speaker on Radio Free Europe. And there, I began to tell everybody: Communism will collapse, all of a sudden. Now, this is written in my books, written in some of my sermons, it’s on tapes. At a time when everyone was saying, „Communism will conquer the whole world,” I said, „No. My Father will make it fall just like that and communism will collapse.”

In 1981, my Father made the sign and communism collapsed. I put my heart to understand what my Father is up to. And He showed me. In 2000, I made a recording, which was sent by someone even to the White House, in it, I was telling people that now that God finished with nazism in Europe and with communism, next thing in God’s plan is Islam. Why all of a sudden, this turbulence in the islamic world? Because God plans to collapse it, as he collapsed communism. In God’s plan, Islam’s plan has arrived.

Now, I may not stay long here [on earth], I can hardly wait until my Father says, „Come here.” But, you remember, when Islam will be crushed and all the islamic world will be open for the Gospel, as the communist world was open for the Gospel. Who could have believed 30 years ago, that communism, which was so anti-God, would become the greatest mission field on the planet? Impossible! Yes, for you, but not for my Father.

The point that I wanted to make is that all that happens in this planet is that my Father is fulfilling His plan. And I watch, when I came to America after the exile, I went back to Romania and started a university there to train young people for the new Europe. But then, I went to Moldova and it’s a long story again, but I told my Moldavian brothers because you know Russian [language] you can reach the Soviet Union, especially the muslim republics in Central Asia. Let’s make a school in which we bring students from there, train them and send them to the muslim world. I cannot say more, because this is a delicate operation , but it’s one of the most successful operations in training people for the muslim world. Why? Because my Father said, „Look there, an open door, there.”

My dear brothers and sisters, because God sent me here, and I want to make you understand the world in which you live. This is God’s world. And we were raised by God, our Father, to be cola borers with Him. Why? Why are you in Arizona?  Why did He give you a clear mind and expertise in making money? What is the vision that God is giving you? I don’t know. I am only giving you the principles for thinking and for understanding

-Now, let me tell you the most fascinating stories ever told. There was this young man from Galilee, Jesus of Nazareth. He started a school, and at one point, after He taught them everything He wanted to teach them, He said, „Now, I have a plan to conquer the planet for the Kingdom of God. This is a kingdom of evil, I send you to spread the kingdom of God. In the mean time, I go to My Father. Now, listen carefully, I want to tell you about 53 days, the most fantastic journey that ever happened.

It started on Good Friday, Thursday night at the Lord’s Supper, Jesus said, „Have faith in Me, have faith in My Father. I am going up to prepare a place for you.” And He went and accepted the cross. And they [disciples and followers] were crushed because they thought He was going to install Himself and His Kingdom on this planet. They were bewildered, crushed. But He came back, just as He said, ‘After 3 days, I will come back to you.” He spent another 40 days with them. „Come, touch my nail marks, give Me something to eat. I am real.” And, He continued to discuss with them the only subjected He had discussed for the last 3 years: The Kingdom of God. Acts 1:3. He discussed with them matters of the Kingdom of God. „Now, listen carefully, my journey continues.” He told Mary Magdalene, „I am not yet ascended to My Father. I am on the journey. I’ll go up, and My Father will place Me at His right hand as co-ruler of the universe. He will give me all the power in heaven and on earth.  And when I am there, and everything will be put under My feet, you have to know it. That’s the most important thing that you have to be convinced of. So, stay in Jerusalem, and one day, something fantastic will happen to you. The Holy Spirit will come in a miraculous way and when that happens, you should know I am at the right hand of God, and that everything was put under my feet. You have to be witnesses of that fact.”

Ten days later, it happened. And they came out different people. And Peter stood up and announced a great fact: „Jesus, whom you crucified was resurrected, but Jesus then went to heaven and God placed everything under His feet. He is the King of the universe.

Now, with this story, you go to 1 Corinthians 15 – He is the Man wh fulfilled the destiny of all men. One day, it will happen as it is said in Revelation 3:21 –  To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. Translated in our jargon: I will give him authority  over huge parts of the universe. I will entrust you with the governorship of different sectors of the cosmos. You know, this is either something absurd or the most beautiful thing that has happened. And Jesus insisted to His disciples: This is what you have to experience, this is what you have to know happened to me, because I go there to prepare a place for you, so that one day I will come after you, to take you where I am, to share with you the governorship of the cosmos. 

My beloved, this is why God created you. This is what God has in mind with you and me. This is why He created this planet. The anthropic principle, God’s plan to produce  co-regents, co-kings with Jesus. So, you take again Luke 16, Luke 19 and Matthew 25, the parables of Jesus where He tells us this plan of God and remember, here we develop character. Trustworthiness, faithfulness. We develop the passion to know our Father and to say, „My daddy, what next? Will you tell me what I should do now? What is next in your scheme?”

Now, I have lived all my life with this attitude. And everything I did, I did with this vision. Now, this may be madness. But, there was a man called Isaiah, who had a fantastic vision. Isaiah 2:4 There will come a time when there will be no more wars. They will take all their weapons and they will make out of them agricultural machineries. And then he continues the vision in chapter 11, and there will be no evil done on the planet  earth, because the planet will be full of the knowledge of God, as the waters cover the sea. God has a plan, to populate earth with good people, with people characterized by goodness.

When I understood this, I sat down, it was the most foolish thing I have ever done from a human point of view. And I wrote a book: An Ideal Country. I started with the vision of Isaiah, explaining how in our time, I foresee that the plan of God is going to be fulfilled. People will forget that this crazy thing, that the Gospel is only for forgiveness of sins, so that we go to heaven when we die. The Gospel is the plan of God to destroy the kingdom of evil and establish the kingdom of goodness, the kingdom of Christ on the planet. And when all the churches and all the denominations will say, we only have one job, to produce good people, as good as God is good, as good as Christ is good, and when we will forget everything else and say we have only one job, to teach people how to be good and how to help other people to be good.


If you believe God and believe Jesus, and Paul and Peter, and John, then everything in you changes. All of a sudden, you will say, „I know why God made the planet earth. I know why I am here. It is fascinating. I am made to be a ruler with Christ. Jesus announced, „All authority has been given Me in heaven and on earth. As My Father sent Me, so send I, you. If you believe Jesus as I do, taking seriously everything He said, you will enter the most fascinating life possible.

Now, just to conclude, one important key to everything is character. God is looking for people who are passionate to obey Him. Passionate to be like Him. Passionate to be trustworthy, to be faithful to His teaching. Character- and let me add happiness. Happiness means being fulfilled. When you are really fulfilled in all the potential God placed in you, that’s happiness. I am fulfilled with God’s purposes. Rounded up, with the image of Christ in me and with all the images of God in me, that’s happiness. Fulfillment – alt he potential God made you with. Absurd? No, it’s the most beautiful thing you could have. If you can devise a greater plan for human beings, come and share it with me. What I have told you tonight is the greatest plan ever imagined. God imagined it. And I invited you to come into this fulfillment.

 Brother Iosif Ton gives a link to his new book, published serially (by chapter) on his website Iosif-Ton-Mesaje.EU – O nouă carte de Iosif Ton –

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