The Exodus From Egypt in Light of Recent Archaeological Work and Geological Work in North Sinai

This is from The Lanier Library Lecture Series titled The Exodus In Light Of Recent Archaeological And Geological Work In North Sinai by Dr James Hoffmeier given May 21, 2011.

The Israelite sojourn and exodus from Egypt has been the subject of scholarly interest and investigation since the dawn of Egyptology two centuries ago. Since no direct archaeological evidence has been discovered to confirm the biblical tradition, some scholars in recent decades have questioned the historicity of these events despite their being a centerpiece of biblical history and the foundation of Jewish religion. In this lecture, background information from ancient Egypt will be reviewed that will show aspects of the Exodus narratives to be indeed authentic. The lecture will also focus on new geological and archaeological data from the work of the North Sinai Archaeological Project, which James Hoffmeier directed. This project included survey and excavation work at Tell el-Borg just east of the Suez Canal. When the results of this exciting work are combined with other recent and ongoing excavations in North Sinai, a compelling picture emerges about the route of the exodus and the location of the Re(e)d Sea.

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VIDEO by fleetwd1

The Exodus from Egypt,

a Lecture with Dr. James Hoffmeier

James Hoffmeier is an Egyptologist and Archaeologist who currently teaches Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Hoffmeier lived in Egypt from birth until the age of sixteen and later went to Wheaton College to earn his Bachelor of Arts. He completed both his Masters and Doctorate degrees at the University of Toronto.

VIDEO by Lubbock Christian University

Egyptology vs the Bible –

amazing evidence of biblical events

There are always large discrepancies between the bible and Egyptian history. Which should we trust, or how do we reconcile these differences. Ross Patterson shows some more amazing biblical discoveries relating to Egyptian history.

VIDEO by jumanous

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