Rev. John Geddie – First missionary in the South Seas – READ „John Geddie : hero of the New Hebrides” online

Born in Banff, Scotland in 1815. Brought to Pictou, Nova Scotia, by his parents in 1816. Ordained and settled on Prince Edward Island in 1838. Sent as the pioneer Presbyterian missionary from Canada, to the New Hebrides in 1846. Died in Australia in 1872.

On the Island of Aneityum, in the South Seas, John Geddie, sent from the Presbyterian Church in Nova Scotia (coming in 1848), and John Inglis from The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Scotland (coming in 1852), saw amazing success. By 1854 about 3,500 natives [more than half the population] „threw away their idols, renounced their heathen customs and avowed themselves to be worshippers of the true Jehovah.” When Geddie died in 1872, all the population of Aneityum professed to be Christian. It was said of John Geddie: „When he landed in 1848, there were no Christians here; when he left in 1872 there were no heathen.”


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John Geddie : hero of the New Hebrides

" He urged the command of Jesus to take the Gospel to 
the whole world, and asserted that a Church neglecting this 
call of the Saviour could never receive the blessing. He 
spoke of the reflex benefit upon themselves, and of the pall 
of gross darkness hanging over paganism. ' The glory of 
God calls us to the task. The command of God calls us to 
it. The reproaches of those who have gone down to per- 
dition unwarned call us to it. And last, but not least, the 
spiritual deadness that prevails among our churches, which 
is perhaps a judicial retribution for the indifference which 
we have so long shown to the Gospel, calls us to it.' " 

Page 23. 

Chapter. Page.
Introduction –––i
Preface – 3
I. Early Years –––7
II. His Second Dedication – – – – – iS
III. The Pioneer ……. 21
IV. A Journal of the Sea – – – – – 31
V. The Powers of Darkness –– 37
VI. The Beginning is Hard . – – . _ 41
VII. The Breaking of the Day –– 49
VIII. The Heat of the Battle –– 57
IX. A Native Church ––-69
X. Prosperity –.––81
XL Adversity –––87
XII. On Furlough – 95
XIII. Closing Years ––- loi
Xiy. Afterwards 109
List of Missionaries – – – ~ – -119
Bibliography – – – – – – – -120

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