What could unite nations in the Middle East to come against Israel in the final days?

From John Ankerberg’s series entitled,

„The Rise of the Ezekiel 38 Nations. – What are the Signs? „

Some other topics of interest videos from this series (all under 5 min) –

  1. Why is Iran so against Israel?
  2. Why is Turkey turning against Israel?
  3. Why are Afghanistan and Pakistan against Israel?
  4. Why is Libya against Israel?
  5. What is happening with Islam in Sudan right now?
  6. What events happening today could play a role during the Last Days?
  7. What major events will take place during the time of tribulation?
  8. How is America’s economic situation affecting Europe?
  9. Could the Antichrist come to power by offering a solution to the current financial crisis?

VIDEO by John Ankerberg


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