Government Engages in KGB-Type Harassment in Christian Church

Photo credit Common Ground church, Lake Worth, a church that meets in a coffee shop, via Charisma Magazine. See link below

The City sent an employee to spy on Common Ground and record its worship activities. The city employee’s statement reads like a report from behind the Iron Curtain describing illicit activity: „I walked back to the Coffee Bar and was able to visualize … what appeared to be a ministry in progress,” including: „Someone speaking from a podium. … A (sic) overhead TV or projection with Scripture verse on it. … Rows of people sitting in chairs on both sides like a gathering setting. … People holding what appeared to be Bibles or religious books as one had a cross on it.” The report states that a video was captured on the „city phone” to be used „for future court presentation.”

Photo credit

Liberty Counsel, an international nonprofit, litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom is challenging the government of Lake Worth Florida against it’s KGB style tactics and against the city’s new requirement that all churches must now obtain a business license, which can also have implications for home gatherings of Christians for prayer and worship in their own homes or in an establishment.

Read the entire story here, in Charisma Magazine –

You can read the KGB like statement in its entirety here –

Read a post about this harassment from the Common Ground Church here – In it, Pastor of Common Ground Church, Mike Olive gives his assessment: A few days ago, Pastor Mike shared with the staff that our situation is the tip of the wave of persecution that will hit America over the coming decades. I believe this is true. We have long lived in relative ease and comfort in our Christian lives and have enjoyed the safety of our freedom of religion. There will be a day where being a Christ-follower will be a dangerous title to bear in America.

Also read another lengthy story about this case, here – Florida city spies on churches, demands licenses. Read more at

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