Jihad-Minded Muslims Setting Christians on Fire in Pakistan

Photo credit Charisma

Photo credit Charisma

A Pakistani burn victim. (Forgotten Missionaries International)

Brutal persecution is putting Pakistan back in the headlines. At least two Pakistani Christians in Lahore were recently targeted by Muslims.

„If they identified themselves as Christians, they were attacked,” reports Bruce Allen of Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI).

On Friday, while on their way to the mosque, two Muslims stopped 14-year-old *Fodor in the streets and asked him what religion he followed. When Fodor said he was a Christian, „They pursued him on their motorbikes; they threw kerosene on him and then lit him [on] fire,” Allen says.”He was burned over 55 percent of his body.”

„There has been a swelling of anti-Christian sentiment in recent weeks, especially in Lahore,” he states.”As you watch in society and you see pamphlets endorsing terrorism, you see threats against Christian schools, you see bombings against the churches: it’s just growing there, absolutely.”

Pakistani Christians can’t turn to the government for help; They’re part of the problem.

Read the entire story here – http://www.charismanews.com/world/49214-jihad-minded-muslims-setting-christians-on-fire-in-pakistan

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