3 short ‘Chapel of the Air’ LIVE Interviews with Leonard Ravenhill

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leonard ravenhillLeonard Hill interviewed on the following 3 topics on a radio program called ‘Chapel of the Air’. Here are some very brief highlights from the 3 interviews featured on this video:

  1. Local Church – Ravenhill is asked to give the church in North America a grade and to tell why he picks that number. Responds Ravenhill: „On a scale of 1 to 1-, I would give the church, I am thinking of the Evanglical Church, about a 4, because I sense a lack of a eternity and the majesty of God in current evangelism.” When asked how he would strive to correct and what he would change, Ravenhill responds: „We need to have a recovery, I’m sure, of the awesome majesty of God.I asked a congregation last Sunday: Did you come here tonight to meet God, or to hear a sermon about God? I’ve asked that many times, in many churches, and only once did I get a response from one person: ‘Well, I do come to meet God’…….”
  2. 13th minute mark – Seminaries – Leonard is asked, of all the men he has trained under, formal and informal, which one influenced him the most. Ravenhill responds: „Without question, Samuel Chadwick. I happened to be born in Leeds, England, at about the time that Samuel Chadwick had a local revival in the city, that cleared up the night spots, closed taverns and everything. And again, it was only in the course of his preaching, which by the way was the same as the revival of 1725 that came in the ordinary course of a faithful pastor’s ministry, that was Jonathan Edwards. He could have held up and said: „George Whitfield’s coming into town, soon, but there was no staging of anything, there was no projecting of human personalities. It was just that the Holy Ghost came. ” Ravenhill is asked about seminaries and if he were to teach a course, what subject would he want to teach that course on? Ravenhill responds: „I think I would teach it on revival. I am sometimes accused of being anti-intellectual. But the great Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in his great church at Westminster Abbey, he taught with me about revival. And he said that he believed that Jonathan Edwards was the greatest intellectual America has ever had…..”
  3. 24th minute mark – How religion is seen on radio and television. Ravenhill is asked if religious radio and television is good or bad. Ravenhill responds: „We haven’t much in England and of course it’s state controlled. In the United States, the stuff that’s offered is so shallow. I mean, this is too severe, again, I say: if John the Baptist preached on radio on Sunday, would he get on the next Sunday? Or Elijah?” Ravenhill wrote about the dangers of misusing media in some of his early books: „Finney inspired countless evangelists to seek revival and that they could produce revival anywhere, using means selected by themselves, to decide what they should use…. In TV evangelism today, I find people totally revolted at the begging that goes on. I mean, why should a man that has $15,000 income a year and who is struggling to keep his farm or his family together, why should he send his tithes to a man who has $55,000 a year and all his expenses paid? I think it’s immoral. I mean, in the old stories in England, Robin Hood robbed the rich to help the poor. Now we rob the poor to help the rich. These big fellows live in ostentation, and they have private jets. I think that most of these ministers are filthy with filthy lucre. And I used to say that before long, the church will suffer for the sin of America. Now, I believe America will suffer for the sin of the church. When you think, a number of them get in almost a million dollars a week, coming in. How will they answer at the judgment seat for the ways they use it.” When asked, if he were asked to address the National Religious Broadcasters Group, and he felt led to accept, what would Ravenhill preach to that group? Ravenhill answers: „I would preach on hell. All the great revivalists were strong on hell. You can take Moody, you can take Finney, you can take Jonathan Edwards. They didn’t do it with a barking, horrible, gravel voice. They did it with tears and brokenness. I don’t see very much brokenness and tears. I believe the next revival will come through the local churches with men who have been waiting on God…..

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