Everyday Theology Conference Videos – Liberty University – Ben Witherington and Craig Evans – Sessions 1 & 2

Chad Thornhill: Two of the worlds finest New Testament scholars Ben Witherington and Craig Evans speak about some of the Current issues going on right now in New Testament Studies. The purpose of the annual Everyday Theology Conference is to address critical issues in Christian theology, while also exploring what this means  for everyday life and every day Christians. We believe very deeply that what we believe about God matters, not just for our intellectual endeavors, not just so that we get it right, but this also impacts how we live. This has true implications for day to day Christianity and  too often, those connections are not sufficiently explored. We have theologians  and we have practitioners and they don’t make the connections often enough. So what we hope to do is to present  the data, the arguments, the material and then get some of the practical download.

Everyday Theology Conference Session 1

Ben Witherington – questions related to Jesus, the New Testament, the first century, how is it that we can have confidence today, 2000 years later in an ancient faith that actually began 2000 years ago? And how do we know we’re getting it right and making the right kind of a connection?

VIDEO by Liberty University

Everyday Theology Conference Session 2

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