Adi Simon – Mesajul de la Seara de Priveghi a fratelui sau Richie Simon

Adi Simon

Adi Simon: I want to say, „Praise God! For those that don’t know, I was Richie’s younger brother. He was the second born, and I am the third. He and I grew up together. We did everything together. And during this time, it’s very painful. There’s nothing really that anybody can say or do, but, we definitely feel the prayers of the church and the saints. And we thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for praying for us, for supporting us. It’s very interesting. Even though at this time it’s very hard, I just can’t help but rejoice in my spirit cause I know where Richie is. Because I know that he gave his life for God. And he died serving Jesus Christ. He died on the mission field. I know that that’s exactly what he wanted.

Richard SimonI remember, during missionary school, there was a prophecy for the missionaries, that „one of you is going to die, serving God on the mission and will not return”. And I remember talking to him a week before he went out. He told me, „You know, Adi, if it’s gonna be me, praise God!” He said, „That’s an honor and privilege, to die for God. And I’m ready for that.” And, I looked at him and said, „Ok…” But, obviously, I didn’t think it would be him. Like the brothers were saying, he died in Christ. And that’s the biggest thing I rejoice in, he died in Christ.

A few years back, he and I were both lost. Richie and I were both living in sin and dying. We had no future, no hope. And that’s the biggest testimony tonight. It’s not about Richie’s life or what he’s done. And praise God that he did serve God and he died on the mission field. That’s amazing! The biggest testimony is what Jesus Christ did in him and in my own life, what he did in both our lives.  And that is, the fact that He changed our lives and He gave us a new life. And we no longer live in sin, we no longer live for ourselves, but, He completely transformed our minds and He gave us a new heart and desire. And, that’s to live for Jesus Christ. And it’s nothing that I have done. It’s nothing that he has done. Only His grace, it’s the grace of Jesus Christ that He’s given to us, to each and everyone of us. And I just wanna praise God for that and the biggest testimony out of every testimonies out there is not what Richie did. It’s what Jesus Christ has done in his life and in my life; it’s what Jesus Christ did in our lives. And I know that God completely set him free, God changed him.

Richie Simon and FamilyAnd every time I would talk to him, he would always encourage me. There was such a fire and passion in his heart. And I would sit there and question myself: I have ten serving God a lot longer. I’ve been in ministry for a year already and every time he calls me, he’s always encouraging me. And I was thinking, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t I be the one encouraging him? And I started checking myself. Do I have this passion, this fire for God, as he did? And he was encouraging me, he was always uplifting me and always praying for me. And for me, the biggest thing, the biggest testimony, the most encouraging thing to see was how he was changed. He was truly changed. God changed his life. And I know that even in the messages that he was speaking, everyone can see that it is not him speaking, it’s Jesus Christ. The words, the messages are Jesus Christ’s evidence in his life, the fingerprints of God are in his words and in his life. And, that’s what changed my life and that’s what changed his life- Jesus Christ, alone. It’s no organization. It’s nothing but Jesus Christ. And I praise God for what He’s done in mine and his life.

And, like I was saying earlier, I can only rejoice in this hard time. The spirit won’t even let me cry and mourn for him. Why should I? When I know that he-s in paradise right now. When I know that he fought the good fight, he fulfilled the perfect will of God in his life. He fulfilled the calling. And now, all of us are left here and we should be crying for ourselves, for the lost ones, for the people that have a question mark on their eternity. People who don’t know  if they’re saved or not. Who sit back and question [themselves], „Can I give my life up, to God, like him?” I want all of us to serve God, because this life is short. This life is very very  short. And can we come to God and receive that reward, we come to God when we enter heaven, are we gonna be empty handed? Or are we gonna have something to show, to give to God, with what we’ve done with our lives? Are we gonna come to heaven empty handed, just begging at the gate to get in? I don’t know about you guys, but I wanna sit at the table with Jesus Christ and fellowship with Him and dine with Jesus. I wanna sit at that table and I wanna be worthy of the calling that He set before me. And the biggest testimony is what Jesus Christ has done in his life and in my life. That’s the biggest thing, that’s what we should all be celebrating right now. Celebrating what Jesus Christ has done in his life, my life and everyone else’s life. Amen. Praise God.


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