Christ and Children in a Culture of Death by David Platt


STUDY GUIDE: Matthew 19:13-15
The Simple Reality…
Christ cherishes children.
The Devastating Realization…
Our culture (and our country) murders children.
God and a Culture of Death… (Ps. 139:13-16)
Abortion is an affront to God’s sovereign
authority as Creator (Is. 40:28).
He is the Giver
of life (Job 12:9-10; 33:4).
He is the Taker
of life (Deut. 32:39; Job 1:21).
Abortion is an assault on God’s glorious
work in creation (Ps. 104:24).
The way God creates people compels
praise (Ps. 104:27-34).
The womb contains a person formed in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-28).
If the unborn is not human, no justification for abortion is necessary
If the unborn is human, no justification for abortion is adequate
Though the unborn is visibly hidden from man, he/she is never hidden from God (Job 10:8-13).
All of God’s works are wonderful
Even (or especially) in the case of disability (Job 9:1-3).
Even (or especially) in the midst of difficulty (Gen. 50:20; Rom. 8:28).
Abortion is an attack on God’s intimate relationship with the unborn.
He fashions them (Job 31:15) and values them (Exodus 21:22-25).
He knows them (Jeremiah 1:5) and relates to them (Psalm 22:9-10).
He calls them (Galatians 1:15), names them (Isaiah 49:1), and anoints them (Luke 1:15, 44).
The Gospel in a Culture of Death… (Titus 3:3-7)
God is the Judge of sinners (Gen. 18:25; Ps. 139:17-24; Rom. 2:6-8).
Mothers who have aborted babies, fathers who have encouraged abortion, grandparents who have supported abortion, and friends who have recommended abortion.
Doctors who have performed abortion.
Leaders who have permitted abortion (Rom. 13:1-4).
Government is given by God for the good of people.
Government is given by God for the legislation of morality
Christians who have done nothing about abortion.

God is the Savior of sinners.
He was born to save us from ourselves
He died so that we might have life
He forgives entirely (Ps. 103:11-12; Is. 43:25; 1 Jn. 1:9) and heals deeply (Lk. 7:47-50).
He restores completely (Rom. 8:1) and redeems fully (Rom. 8:28).
Our Lives in a Culture of Death… (Eph. 5:7-11; Jms. 1:22-25)
Look around
Learn the facts about abortion.
See the pictures of abortion.
Listen to the victims of abortion.
Step forward
Share your burdens from the past with brothers and/or sisters.
Share your struggles in the present with brothers and/or sisters.
Speak up
Before God.
Before the government.
Reach out
Through giving to pro-life causes and ministries.
Through serving unwed and under-age mothers.
Through volunteering at pregnancy centers.
Through supporting abortion alternatives.
Through adopting unwanted children

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