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A few years ago I’ve lost a good friend, a colleague, a brother in a very similar circumstances as Cristi Tepes had gone. The bereavement I felt was so deep and painful at many levels that this poem came out from my struggles. I will post the poem in English, just as it was written five years ago. I have replaced Davor’s name with Cristi’s, as I feel the same load of bereavement and loss today. My heart is crying again…

When Cristi said goodbye

When Cristi said goodbye
There were no words, no hugs, no glimpse of a warning…
The eternal reality embraced the mortal happiness
And took away what we knew of him:
A caring heart, a friend, a brother
a husband, a son, a father,
a colleague, a mentor, a persuader,
a man of long endurance and strength…

When Cristi said goodbye
There were no moments of joy,
no time for tears or sorrows…
The urgency of calmness quieting down unfinished dreams,
has swallowed up
what we believed was granted for tomorrow:
a new poem, a heartfelt song, another book,
a mystery yet to be unveiled, a new page of history
projects in progress,
a silent voice echoing our becoming…

When Cristi said goodbye
There were no written instructions on how to move on…
The narration of the future bereaved of his existence,
Unsolaced, weeps the shaking appearance of the present:
how far can we dream?
how high can we aim?
how deep can we plan?
what is important and what is not…

When Cristi said goodbye
There were no forces to keep him from running
Into the loving arms of the Father.
Forgetfully, he entered the abundant joy of eternity
overwhelmed by the splendor of the Lamb
and sealed with the loving grace of redemption:
no memories, no plans, no regrets, no turning back…

Today is just another memory of our joyful togetherness:
A celebration of the past – a life lived to the fullness,
A faithful escalation towards the future
– a life to be continued
towards the eternal togetherness,
where no goodbyes will ever be!

When Cristi said goodbye,
the longing for the yet to come,
became so eager, so treasured
that it overcame the present,
increasing faith, hope and love…

Now, here we are,
pursuing the WAY of the Kingdom,
the TRUTH to be proclaimed
and the LIFE to be glorified abundantly!

Written by Ligia Mariana MACELARU,
Osijek, June 24, 2010 – saying goodbye to a good friend and colleague, IN MEMORIAM.

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