Norway’s Barnevernet Using Dishonest Tactics

Delight in Truth

Delight in Truth would like to make the English-speaking public aware of an important detail which came out in the Bodnariu case where Norway’s Barnevernet (Child Protection Service) abusively confiscated 5 children from the Bodnariu family.

Any child psychologist can testify that a child will admit almost anything if leading questions are asked. Children have a raw imagination which is very sensitive to outside influence, especially influence coming from a position of authority. This is also true of adults. I remember the classic psychology experiments where subjects with normal intelligence were convinced to actually hurt other people because they were receiving orders from a person in a white coat in a position of authority.

Which brings us to the interview that Norway’s agency did with the Bodnariu children. It is very clear that leading questions were asked, and the children were coerced to incriminate the parents about alledged physical abuse. Bt…

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  1. Anthony Ianosel, L.C.
    ian. 01, 2016 @ 02:58:32

    My fellow Christians,

    I HAVE GOOD NEWS: The Royal Court of Norway acknowledged to me, at my e-mail site in Washington, USA, receipt of my legal pleading for the Bodnariu Family. I ask here that all Christians, please continue to pray to God the Almighty, for a MEANINGFUL and EXPEDITIOUS RESPONSE to my legal pleading by the highest royal authority in Norway.
    I had a similar case of an American-born Christian father from Arizona, in 1988, and I was surprised that my legal pleading [in the form of a written petition] to our president Ronald Reagan [via his presidential liaison], and to Secretary of State James Baker, and to President of Philippines was granted immediately, and his son was released unconditionally–as I directed him to do so there in his prison. He called me from Phoenix, to thank me for my effective petition, and said that he literally kissed the ground in Phoenix, upon his arrival. Subsequently, I was „assaulted” with complaints of governmental abuses in that country by Christian pastors who were impressed by the liberation from official bondage of my young man from Arizona. They knew of a gov’tal hornet’s nest operating inside their country’s immigration office which were blackmailing the victims’ relatives arrested and detained in the so called „hell hole” w/o basis in law or facts.
    It could happen again, in this case, as it has happened in 1990, to a Romanian family from Cluj coming to Oregon, whose child (just attained the legal age) was left behind in Romania, in a considerable danger and incomprehensible emotional distress. The relief I requested in the petition to the President, again, using the same diplomatic protocol was granted immediately, and the young girl was able to fly to Oregon in a few day’s notice.
    My experience with the people „in high places” is that they are very „moved in their heart” when they read traumatic episodes about human beings harmed with severe emotional distress at the hands of Government, and routinely they are ready to order relief at once! BUT, someone who knows protocol must petition them by a distinctive „prayer for relief” in order that they may read it and act on it.

    May the Bodnariu family be pleasantly surprised by the Norway’s highest royal authority–is my prayer to our heavenly Father, in His Son’s Name.

    Dated: January 1, 2016.

    Anthony Ianosel, L.C.
    Washington, United States.

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