PROTEST in SUPPORT of MARIUS & RUTH BODNARIU, Romanian Pentecostal and Baptist Churches in Melbourne, Australia, January 30, 2016

Protest Australia Bodnariu

Suite 208, 1 Princess Street, Kew, Melbourne, Australia

Romanian Penticostal and Baptist Churches from Australia
30.01.2016 – 10:00AM – 11:00AM
Suite 208, 1 Princess Street, Kew, Melbourne, Australia

The purpose of this protest is to express our great concern regarding Bodnariu’s family situation in Norway, that was publicly presented to the thousands of Romanian gathered together in Perth, from all over Australia and New Zeeland. (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Port Pirie, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Auckland (NZ), Christchurch (NZ).

The extreme and unprecedented situation, Marius and Ruth Bodnariu and their five children from Norway, are going now through for more than 2 month, as largely presented in the media all over the world, is for Romanian Diaspora around the world and not only, a matter of great concern, debate and condemnation for the gross violation of parental rights utterly denied to them, by the abduction and repartitioning of the Bodnariu children conducted by Barnevernet, on behalf of Norwegian Governrment.

We cannot comprehend how a developed and civilized country such as Norway will ignore and abuse the familie’s right thourgh the inumane act of authorized child abduction.

We, as Romanian Comunity call upon the Norwegian authorities to immediately reunite Marius and Ruth Bodnariu with theri children and to cease violating their parental rights.

We, as Romanian Comunity also encourage the Norwegian Government to revisit its politics on parental rights and protect al families, indifferent of culture, nationality, religion, urging that such a case will not ever happen again.

Mircea Campian tel: (61) 410 488 611

CITESTE – COMUNICAT Biserica Apostolica Penticostala Romana din AUSTRALIA – S-au organizat proteste in sprijinul familiei Bodnariu in Melbourne

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