captura Agnus Dei

captura Agnus Dei

Phone call with Marius Bodnariu from Norway at Norwegische Botschaft in Wien – Norwegian Embassy in Vienna

VIDEO via John Popp

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  1. Anthony Ianosel, L.C.
    ian. 18, 2016 @ 00:07:01


    The Constitution of Norway, at Article 99, clearly prohibits any person to be taken into custody… for unwarranted arrest, or illegal detention…and that the Government is not entitled to employ military force against citizens of the State…”. It is already public knowledge that Barnevernet has violated the family peace and dignity the Bondariu family is entitled to by Constitution and law, in addition to the human rights prescribed for Bodnariu family at Article 8, 9, 10, 12 and 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to which the Norway State is a signatory.
    The Barnvernet, with consent and acquiescence of its superiors has violated with impunity and with shocking outrage the aforementioned Norway constitutional provisions by taking into custody and arresting 5 (five) minor children born, raised and belonging in the Bodnariu family.
    The Norway Barnvernet, with consent and acquiescence of its superiors has engaged its military-equivalent assisting police powers for purposes to destroy and lay waste Bodnarius’ family and its dignity and peace in their private house, and to deprive them of their five children, and to destroy their children natural parental bond.
    The totalitarian Barnvernet, with consent and acquiescence of its superiors has engaged its military-equivalent assisting police powers for purposes to unlawfully arrest and detain five minor children belonging to and raised in the Bodnariu family, and the said arrest and outrageous detention continues to date, despite innumerable pleadings to return to the Bodnariu family the five children so arrested and detained.

  2. Valeria Iancu
    ian. 18, 2016 @ 01:48:03

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  3. Anthony Ianosel, L.C.
    ian. 18, 2016 @ 08:43:41

    It is a shame and disgrace that all of these modern democracies’ so called „child services” use SLAVERY LANGUAGE and IDEOLOGIES which still treat the little „human persons” as „property” in the same way the primitive State treated them to benefit of the odious, reprehensible slave owner!
    Today, in 2016, the modern governments, although conscientious about their own national Constitution, continue to ignore it to the smallest detail: the definition of „person”. All modern Constitutions refer to a „natural person” as „person”–not „property” that may be subject to „snatching away” or „arrested and detained” as criminal offenders are! The life-animated „persons” whether are smaller size or bigger size are not subject to „arrest” and „detention” by the nation’s police or military equivalent, without due process of law–in violation of their nation’s Constitution–neither governments may employ such oppressive and primitive methods of arresting and detaining smaller size persons (called children) who BELONG IN A BIGGER PERSON’S FAMILY and its private house! Curiously, if one looks carefully at Norway’s Constitution, Articles 99 and 102 drive home the foregoing points. After all, it is none of the governments’ business to ROB A FAMILY OF ITS FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOM TO GOVERN THEMSELVES. The new devil in the details of these modern so called „child services” rackets is that these have become socialist paratroopers and hellbent totalitarian organizations that grossly interfere in the sanctity and matrimonial private home and invade it with impunity, causing many outrageous problems to parents and inflicting on them irreversible psychological harm, in addition to exposing the brutality and evil of these agencies teaming with cops who participate in the snatching, arresting, and detaining the little human persons from their family where they belong!T
    The Norway Constitution prohibits such heinous social practices concocted by legislative fiat against little human persons who also have the right to benefit–like any bigger persons–from the one State revered Constitution which binds all of the governmental agencies to its mandates and against the evils of modern snatching, arresting, and detaining indefinitely little human persons who really belong in their natural families and natural parental environment. Yes, there are cases of neglect and abuses in our modern society, to be sure driven by poverty and indigency that need to be dealt with fairly and with mercy by the State which has assumed the „parens patria” (parent of the country) title for the unfortunate little persons we call children, but this parent may not exceed its wings over the natural sanctuary of families who are naturally equipped with talent and knowledge to raise their little persons all the way to their adulthood.
    To be sure, the little human persons, as same as the bigger persons, are NOT STATE PROPERTY as it was in the era of compelled state slavery! The little persons raise and develop far better in the parental ambiance–even if it is a little bit unfavorable. Not all families can afford things like the wealthy do in order to „please” their children. Beethoven, Strauss and other great persons of Europe’s Renaissance era were poor and lived OK within their economic means–and look what a grandiose music they composed!
    Surely, there are many cases of children living in an unfavorable economic environment in every country, who have attained the status of mega millionaires and even billionaires! The little persons therefore must belong in their natural parental sanctuary in which they were born, raised, and thought how to walk and how to speak their natural language.

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