The Look on Her Face Says it All

Day and night this family has no rest, no comfort, and no peace. All this because the Norwegian Barnevernet has destroyed them…..

Delight in Truth

This picture was taken from the public Facebook timeline of Romanian Parliament deputy Maria Grecea who is currently in Norway with a government delegation attempting to secure the release of the five Bodnariu children. It shows the pain and sadness on the face of Marius and Ruth who had their children confiscated by the Norwegian CPS (Barnevernet).

There are discussions circulating in support circles for families destroyed by Barnevernet that many parents and children become ill from a physical and a psychiatric standpoint after confiscation. It makes sense that such a shock can cause depression and anxiety, but what is the explanation for PHYSICAL illness?

Having a medical degree and advanced training in anesthesiology, Delight in Truth can provide some insight on this subject. There has been much research done on how the human body responds to stressful stimuli, whether they be physical or psychological (fear, worry etc).  One of the main…

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