DOREL MURESAN: Stop Norway’s Stolen Generations

Photo Agnus Dei

Photo Agnus Dei

On the 30th of January 2016 at 10 AM I’m going out in the street on the steps of Parliament of
Victoria to protest against the Norway Government for facilitating and not condemning, for refusing
to act lawfully against the kidnapping of 5 children including a 3 month old baby from Bodnariu
Marius & Ruth by Bernevernet. The hidden destruction of many families is much greater and we ask
for transparency and international human rights investigation.
If you don’t already know, the Stolen Generation scenario still applies today in Norway. The madness
of the past is still the cruelty of today’s modern society.
I’m an Australian, Romanian born and today’s events that are happening in Norway with many
families destroyed by the Child Welfare Service of Norway Barnevernet including Bodnariu family
makes me wonder. – Why is history repeating its self?
Norway is writing another chapter in the “Stolen generation book” by inflicting suffering and
We ask our local politicians representative to contribute and support our actions and solidarity
manifested over the month of January in the streets of Europe, USA and in coming weeks in
More information here:
One of the darkest chapters of Australian history was the forced removal of Aboriginal children
from their families. Children as young as< babies> were stolen from their families to be placed in
girls’ and boys’ homes, foster families or missions. At the age of 18 they were ‘released’ into society,
most of them scarred for their life because of their experiences.
These Aboriginal people are collectively referred to as the ‘Stolen Generations’ because several
generations were affected. Many Aboriginal people are still searching for their parents and siblings.
The Effects of Removal are present today in the Australian society.
Despite some claims that children were removed ‘for their own good’ or that policies were
essentially benign in intent, the separation of children from their families has had long term negative
The Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission ( HREOC ) Inquiry found that children
removed from their families are disadvantaged in the following ways:
· They are more likely to come to the attention of the police as they grow into
· They are more likely to suffer low self-esteem
· They are more vulnerable to physical, emotional and sexual abuse
· They are more likely to suffer depression and mental illness
· They are unable to retain links with their land and culture
· They cannot take a role in the cultural and spiritual life of their former communities
· They share the sentiment of unjustness and neglect by the system that supposed to
care and protect them
Testimonies from victims:
I feel our childhood has been taken away from us and it has left a big hole in our lives.
I grew up feeling alone, a black girl in a white world, and I resented them for trying to make
me white but they couldn’t wash away thousands of years of dreaming and ancestral
There is no black or white, we are both of those. I am black and I am white. We were the
product of white men raping…..
We were an embarrassment
No-one wanted us
They just wanted us out of the way
If you don’t already know, the Stolen Generation scenario still applies today somewhere and has
been here for a long time and will continue to be here if we don’t stop this.
Healing is not just another government program. It has taken many generations to get to this level of
trauma and it will take quite a few to fully recover from it.
– Why is history repeating it’s self in modern Europe? Is Norway ready to assume and assess the
unrepairable trauma and emotional damage already suffered by parents and children?
Stop Norway’s abuse to the God given right to any parent, to care, love and discipline, protect and
educate them children in their rich cultural and religious heritage.
Norway return the stolen generation!
Pastor Dorel Muresan Supporting Bodnariu family.
Melbourne Australia- January 2016

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