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The brutal truths about Norway’s Child Protection Services, Barnevernet. After they remove children from their homes for the most ridiculous and outlandish reasons, such as the mother not knowing how to make an omelet properly, Barnevernet then turns them over to private companies. Here is AN EXAMPLE of HOW CHILDREN who have been removed from their homes, are advertised on websites similar to EBAY. It is utterly unbelievable…….

CITESTE acest ARTICOL in limba ROMANA aici – Reclama în Norvegia: Doresti un copil? Avem 1.000 de copii și adolescenți în Norvegia, stau la coadă pentru un cămin…!05-02-2016

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WOW!!!!! In Norway is a place to do business!!! For $ 13,780 a month (per child) plus a week of paid vacation plus others benefits….I think is very tempted and because we had experience in foster field, may we think second time for not going in Norway!

My question now is not what I do or not in the future, BUT FROM WHERE PRIVATES FOSTERS COMPANIES IN NORWAY HAD THAT AMOUNT OF FUNDS?

Employer: Family Help AS

Place: Knud Asker way 28 B 1383 Asker

Sector: Private

Number of positions: 5 

Job Title: Foster care

Industry: Children, school and teaching / Healthcare

Position/Function: Care and social work 

Over 1,000 children / adolescents in Norway are queuing in anticipation of getting a new home, because they can not live with their biological parents. Common to them all is that they need adults who are confident and caring and who can give them predictability and acceptance.

The family home is a reinforced foster homes where…

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