Brisbane protest 2

When they arrived at the meeting place, the girls started to shout of joy, even before seeing the parents. They ran from the office and jumped in their arms! Naomi jumped with her arms around Marius’ neck and Eliana almost made Ruth fall over.

Then, when Eliana embraced Marius, she started to cry. Naomi’s hair was cut short. They all went into the office and the girls started to tell all kinds of stories. The visitation was supervised. When time was over, they wouldn’t want to leave. Naomi wouldn’t let go of Marius. Marius and Ruth had to promise the girls they would meet again soon, just to make it easier for them. At that moment, neither knew it would probably take another two weeks before the next meeting.


We can now officially confirm: your participation in the protests, letters by the thousands (electronic or regular mail) and phone calls and messages had and still have an enormous impact! Barnevernet knows it and it takes a toll! Thank you and may God reward you all!


Marius and Ruth await the date of recourse in Court against the temporary and urgent children’s placement away from the family’s home decision. They prepare for that trial. At the same time, building the defense case is ongoing, always putting the care for their children as the most important priority. On the other hand, it is obvious that Barnevernet looks to find more incriminatory evidence. Soon, a psychologist employed by them will evaluate the parents and the children. The children will be tested to see if and how traumatized they are (they should already have known since November, before they took the children away, otherwise what was the basis of their actions?)

Because of Barnevernet and especially their lawyer the Court trial had been delayed from March to May. The psychologist cannot finish his work in due time, before mid-April. Also, the prosecutor is not available before the end of May. Did Barnevernet ask the baby or any of the children for that matter, if they agree with these delays, since they affirm the superior interest of the child? On Saturday, February 6th, baby Ezekiel was six months old, almost three months without his parents! It is Barnevernet strategy of estrangement to separate newborns from their biological parents, especially mothers. Let’s fast and pray that the Lord may ruin their plans!

APRIL 16th

We continue to intensly prepare for the big day of anti Barnevernet, pro Bodnariu international protests! We do not forget about all the other families in similar situations as Marius, Ruth and their five children! Until then, as we end the first wave of protests, beginning on March 1st, we start a sustained effort to involve the media and politicians in all the countries where we have a Romanian Evangelical significant presence! Stay with us and God will give us the victory!

Cristian Ionescu, Spokesman

The team for organization and initiative: Daniel Bodnariu, Steven Bonica, Peter Costea, Timotei Dinică, Pastor Cristian Ionescu, Vinicius Sabău, Dennis Stoia, Paul Susman

Marius & Ruth and the extended Bodnariu Family

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