Comunicatul Congressmanului texan Steven Stockman la Protestul din Houston

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Peter Costea:

Mitingul care a avut loc la Houston pe 6 Februarie în sprijinul Familiei Bodnariu a fost onorat şi cu prezenţa indirectă a Congressmanului texan Steven Stockman. Dânsul era în Orientul Mijlociu într-o misiune de apărare a creştinilor şi nu a putut participa în direct. A adresat însă nota alăturată care a fost citită celor 500 de romani care au participat la întrunire:

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Thank you for the invitation to attend the rally of the Romanian-American community of Houston on February 6, 2016 in front of the Norwegian Consulate in Houston. I am a Houstonian and have represented the people of Houston in the United States Congress for several years. I am grateful for your invitation, but unfortunately I cannot participate. I am in the Middle East working on an equally worthy cause, the protection of Christians from their Islamist persecutors.

Though I cannot be with you today, I extend to you my best wishes. I sympathize with your cause and trust that the Norwegian Government will show compassion and allow the quick reuniting of the Bodnariu children with their parents. I join in the chorus of voices which plead for this case and pray that God intervenes to do justice to the family.

The United States and Norway have traditionally had close economic and cultural ties. It is my hope that the excesses committed by Norwegian authorities with respect to the Bodnariu family will not repeat themselves but will be corrected promptly, hoping also that in this fashion America’s relations with Noray will continue to remain positive and friendly.

I take this opportunity to also greet the entire Romanian-American community of Houston. I represented some of you in the United States Congress. I have heard many good things about you, your faith in God, and the strong churches you have in Houston. With God’s grace, I hope to visit one of your churches in the future, as well as Romania. May God Bless the United States, Romania, and Norway!

Steven Stockman,

Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas‘s 36th district

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