Key Differences Between Protestantism and Catholicism

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 Catholicism and Protestantism: Contrasting Distinctives of Protestantism and Catholicism Part 1

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Scott Horrell and Dr. Michael Svigel discuss Catholicism and Protestantism, focusing on various distinctives of both traditions.…

00:13 Issue #2: The role of tradition in various branches of Christianity
04:49 Issue #3: The role of the Catholic Church in salvation and grace
08:28 Issue #4: Catholic and Protestant perspectives of the Eucharist
15:45 Issue #5: Catholic and Protestant perspectives of Justification
19:55 Issue #6: The Priesthood of all believers in Protestantism
24:52 Political and sociological structures in Catholicism
28:20 Issue #7: Veneration of the Saints and the Virgin Mary in Catholicism

VIDEO by Dallas Theological Seminary

 Key Differences Between Protestantism and Catholicism Part 2


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