San Francisco Protest – Discurs Pastorul Vasile Cinpean, Portland – Everywhere in the free world, the Bible and its principles are being respected and we are here to call on Norway to restore the principles for the family.

Vasile Cinpean

Vasile Cinpean:
We are here to request that the Norwegian government expedites the process of reunification  of the Bodnariu children with their parents. To all the people present here today, it is impossible to imagine the physical and the spiritual trauma experienced by these parents and their children. No one is better qualified  to care and protect the children  than the Bodnariu parents. They are people of integrity, loving parents, good Christians. They conduct themselves according to the Bible, according to the biblical values, which are respected and protected here in the United States and in every respectable country in this world.

Everywhere in the free world, the Bible and its principles are being respected and we are here to call on Norway to restore the principles for the family. Furthermore, there are numerous studies done by professionals, which without exception prove that the best investment for the healthy development of children, to be valuable citizens of the world, is in the traditional family, the family according to the Bible, where the children have their mother and their father involved in their education and upbringing. Today’s event here is a continuation of protests against this Barnevernet organization in Norway.

For the past several months we protested and we will not stop until the children are given back to their parents. In closing, I want to express the request of all the people present here today, as well as the request of thousands of people all over the world: NORWAY, GIVE THE CHILDREN BACK TO THE BODNARIU FAMILY! Our request is: Norway, give the children back to their parents. Thank you and may God bless you. May God bless the United States of America!

Photo & VIDEO Ani Adi Petras – Pastor Vasile Cinpean speaking at the San Francisco protest.

Album Photo Ani Adi Petras

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  2. ceciliebedsvaag
    feb. 14, 2016 @ 03:17:00

    In Norway the belief in „barnevernet” is very strong. There are many reasons for this. Partly, there is a strong belief that „barnevernet” is actually protecting children. Everywhere in Norway we are bombarded by propaganda telling us that the most dangerous environment is in the home. Partner violence is very common because many Norwegians do not live in marriages but swap partners frequently. This is considered to be a women’s right. It is a right for a woman to have a divorce, and it goes both ways. People do not need a reason to divorce. Actually it is easier for a husband to divorce his wife than it is for a lawyer to get rid of a client! Also, many Norwegians mistakenly believe that „barnevernet” mostly take children from parents who are qualified uncapable of taking care of their children, like drug addicts, psychiatric patients, sexual molesters etc. But 80 % of the children are taken because of so-called „emotional neglect” based on reports by psychologists/psychiatrists. It is virtually impossible for parents to defend themselves against these accusations.

    Secondly, many people in Norway are employed in the public sector where they have employment for life. The jobs are very well paid even for low skilled labour. Social workers are a large group of employees who are given strong protection from the biggest labour union, which is Landsorganisasjonen (LO). The government cannot make decisions wothout the approval of LO.

    Thirdly, there is a strong atheist streak in the Norwegian society which is no longer Christian. Norway is going back to its pre-Christian roots. Many people believe in witchery and healing; Snåsamannen is very popular among Norwegians who believe in his healing powers.

    These are the main factors behind the organized legal kidnapping of children. Norwegians are unable to see any other points than their own because they have been brought up to believe that Norway is the best country in the world. The educational system in Norway teaches children the political ideology of the welfare state. The children are brought up to be supporters of the socialist welfare state where all your needs are taken care of by the state. If parents do not believe in this ideology, they are considered a danger to their children. The Bodnarius believe in Jesus Christ and teaches their children to believe in the Bible. This is contrary to the state ideology of Norway. Therefore it is tantamount for the Norwegian authorities to give the Bodnariu children an upbringing that will teach them the values of the welfare state.

    Barnevernet in Naustdal do not want to return the children to their parents. I am not very optimistic about the outcome. The next trial is on March 14-15, 2016 in Fjordane District Court, if I am not mistaken. I hope there will be many protesters outside the court. The proceedings will take place behind closed doors which is standard procedure in cases concerning „barnevernet”. And the only one taking notes is the judge. So if the verdict is negative, there is no accountability. Usually the witnesses of the parents are ignored. They do not matter. It is only the witnesses belonging to „barneverent” who are taken seriously by the court because the judges believe the parents witnesses to be subjective and „barnevernet”‘s witnesses to be objective. Most proceedings are a farce. They are both a waste of time and money. The outcome has been decided beforehand.

    Still, there might be a small chance that the District Court of Fjordane has taken notice of the strong international protests. There are no objective reasons why the children should not be given back to their parents. I hope and pray for a positve outcome, in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • Avram
      feb. 14, 2016 @ 13:26:13

      Intersting comment. Can you give us links about what you are saying about the government not tolerating religion in teaching the kids?

      • ceciliebedsvaag
        feb. 14, 2016 @ 13:54:35

        It is not allowed to give preference to Christianity. It is a very sensitive area. In my daughter’s kindergarten sausages made from swine were not allowed even though there were no Jewish or Muslim children in the kindergarten. At Christmas time many schools ask the parents for permission to take the children to church. I advice you to read the verdict Folgerø v Norway from the European Court of Human Rights. Here is a link explaining the verdict in English:

        Dă clic pentru a accesa 920a6e87e62e67eabbb86b07bbb1b636.pdf

        You will find the verdict at
        Search for „folgero”. The text is in English.

        It has been 40 years since I attended primary school. At the time Christianity was still taught. At present time a new subject which is called KRLE is taught. (Christianity, Religion, Life and Ethics). You can read about it here:

        • rodi
          feb. 14, 2016 @ 16:53:32

          Thank you Cecile,
          we will look at them and may include some of this information in the posts we are presently working on.

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