The business of British Social Services and the Florin Barbu case

Senatorul Titus Corlatean cu Florin Barbu Bruxelles

Senatorul Titus Corlatean cu Florin Barbu Bruxelles

Dezvaluiri  din Anglia, unde se procedeaza asemanator cazurilor vizate de protectia copilului in Norvegia. Politia intra sa verifice copilul cu pretextul a unui ‘well being check’ si apoi il ia cu forta. Ce e mai rau e ca parintii nu au recurs la adoptie fortata,     cum s-a intamplat in cazul cetateanului roman din Londra, Florin Barbu, a carui doi copii vor fi dati spre adoptie  luna viitoare. Ca  in Norvegia, avocatii, psihologii, judecatorii, toti sunt platiti de Protectia Copilului: Social Services.

CITITI mai MULT despre cazul lui Florin Barbu aici –

The UK is the ONLY place in the world where large numbers of parents flee the country every year to avoid having their babies and young children taken from them by the State for forced adoption.

aThis is a 7 1/2 minute video clip from a feature length movie about Britain’s Child Protective Services. Some of the points made in video:

  • A British MP at the 1:25 minute mark: The courts are secret. They don’t necessarily follow the laws properly and all sorts of procedural things go wrong.
  • Last year, 1000 children were compulsorily taken into care (in England) compared to 5,500 in 1995.
  • They get thousands of pounds per child if they remove him and the longer they can keep him, the more money they get in their back pocket. Up to a year ago there were millions of pounds given to councils for fulfilling their adoption targets. There was such a fuss about people getting money for this that the targets were abolished. Well, the targets still exist. The instructions from Ton yBlair, the prime minister at the time was to increase the country’s adoption by 40% in so much time. That still exists and they still go for adoptions (targets).

Traffic 1 – Social Services

Want This Film Banned In The UK, Why?

Buy the full DVD from here:… and support the makers of the film. Traffic 2 is coming soon and will be even harder hitting than Traffic 1.

VIDEO by Missing Children

Traffic 2| Exposé Of

The UK Child Protection System Social Services

Extract from Traffic 2 – courtesy of Pete Middleton Pictures. all rights reserved ©2016.
Please feel free to share via the link

Britain and forced adoptions

Caution: This is an emotional documentary video, some  may find disturbing, of children being taken from their mothers by Social Services. Click on  link. Video by Kellie Cottam

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