Albert Mohler: God’s Design for Male & Female

Al Mohler 2016

Al Mohler: We’ve now reached the point where the words that are required, not only for the stability of language, but for the stability of meaning, are now being subverted. And it comes right down to words like male and female, husband and wife, boy and girl. Now, ate the worldview level, one of the things we need to recognize is that this is inevitable and it is not going to stop.When I say it is inevitable, it is because what we are witnessing in this revolution taking place around us is a meltdown of all fixed categories. One of the things we need to keep in mind in terms of the Christian worldview is that once you let loose toxins like this in a society, they can’t be limited to one issue. What’s at the very center of this is not so much the creation of something new which we don’t even believe is real, but nonetheless it is now a legal reality. It is a denial of what is actually real. It is not just that in this culture there is something new like same sex marriage, but that it is that what is being destroyed is marriage.

Recent changes to the definition of marriage and shifting standards regarding gender identity have developed at an unprecedented rate. In this session, Dr. Albert Mohler sets forth the biblical teaching on manhood and womanhood, explaining why issues such as gender and marriage are not social or individual constructs but divinely instituted norms for all humanity.

This message is from our 2016 National Conference, The Gospel:…

VIDEO by Ligonier Ministries

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