Romanian-Americans for Reunification of Bodnariu Family

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Romanian-Americans for Reunification of Bodnariu Family is a group of community and religious leaders, businessmen, and civic leaders acting on behalf of their communities, including:
– Assemblies of God International – Romanian Department
– Church of God International – Romanian Territorial Office
– Credo Television International, Chicago, Illinois
– Genesis Mission Magazine, Chicago, Illinois
– Religious Liberty Department of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists
– Romanian Baptist Association of U.S.A. and Canada
– Romanian Television Network – RTN, Chicago, Illinois
– Romanian Times Newspaper, Portland, Oregon
– Romanian Tribune Newspaper, Chicago, Illinois
– Union of Romanian Pentecostal Churches of U.S.A. and Canada


Marius Bodnariu, father of the 5 children (a Romanian citizen living in Norway married to Ruth – a Norwegian), has most of his family living in United States as naturalized U.S. citizens: both his parents living in the Atlanta-Georgia area together with a married sister, two other married sisters living in the Chicago-Illinois metropolitan area, and another married sister living in the Portland-Oregon area.

Romanian-Americans are outraged at the news and reports of events that unfolded in Norway in the last two months in the Bodnariu family’s case of confiscation of all their 5 children by Norway’s Barnevernet (Norway’s Child Protection Services). As such, Romanian-Americans from across United States will continue to show solidarity with the Bodnariu Family who lost custody of all their children through a process that is against international laws and conventions. The demonstrators will voice opposition to Norway’s Barnevernet and its inhumane Nazi-like tactics.

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