The Romanian Exile of the 20th Century ~ Octavian D. Curpas

The Romanian Exile of the 20th Century

Octavian CurpasWritten by Octavian D. Curpas with a philological subtleness, „The Romanian Exile of the 20th Century” transposes the readers into the lives and the vast array of emotions immigrants feel while being uprooted from their own sweet yard, whose smell of flowers and folk songs of youth will ever reverberate in their minds. The trip of self-discovery is sprinkled with ambitions, pitfalls, frustrations, despair and inner-struggle as well as with achievements and rewards. From Sibiu, my own native region to LA, my own adopted City of Angeles, Dumitru Sinu aka Mitica (Mike) has seen it all and has, through trials and tribulations, achieved the much desirable- American Dream. A story of love, hard work, and determination!

The author, a talented journalist who  has lived in the United States since March, 1997, currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife and three children: Janice, Josiah and Amaris.

Aura Imbarus, PhD – Los Angeles, California

Author of Pulitzer Prize memoir entry „Out of the Transylvania Night”


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