Norway’s Parental Rights Down the Rabbit Hole, America Next ?

A thought provoking article by Sorin Adrian Leahu,  Attorney Mauck & Baker LLC. Chicago published in the Romanian Tribune:

Sorin Adrian Leahu Attorney Mauck & Baker LLC.In 1865, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, published his famous novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Readers then and now continue to be mystified by a narrative that can only be described as illogical and wholly irrational. The novel introduced readers to a world of such absurdity that it helped launch the phenomenon now known as the literary-nonsense genre.

Lately, another story has been unfolding rivaling even Carrol’s work within the same genre. Our newsletter published a brief note on this case back in January. To review, in November 2015, a loving family was dragged down a legal rabbit hole and introduced to the whacky world of institutionalized kidnapping.

Barnevert, Norway’s child protective services, seized Marius and Ruth Bodnariu’s five children after suspicions that they were receiving “Christian indoctrination.” “Christian indoctrination,” of course, is a term of art; most would recognize it simply as religious education. Not content with competing education, however, the State seized the five children and placed them with three separate foster homes where, presumably, they will receive State sanctioned indoctrination instead. Without having committed a crime, and with no due process, two parents have lost their children. The parents must now overcome baseless charges and seek vindication in Norwegian courts, or alternatively, the European Court of Human Rights.

Read more  at the link, including about the United States precedent on parental rights and how it is under attack and what the churches and the people of faith can do –

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