Deutsche Welle: Barnevernet has an agenda for taking children in custody

functionara Barnevernet social workerBarnevernet urmareste mame vulnerabile, familii fara neamuri in Norvegia, la care le ia copii si-i pune in plasament de foster care fara sa mai dea o sansa a fi returnati familiei.

Barnevernet has an agenda for taking children in custody

Former Social Worker states that Barnevernet is targeting vulnerable mothers, families without relatives, taking their children and placing them in foster families, without counseling the parents.

DW (Deutsche Welle) story –…

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  1. Knut Nygaard
    mart. 13, 2016 @ 03:48:16

    This woman in the video – Anne-Kathrine Eckbo Fangan – is one of those people that think they themselves have right all the time and the public services wrong. I doubt that she has worked inside any CPS office. I think she could have been given some measure work, but i don’t know. I took at look at her f.b. and she as some others has found a new role of supporting all people that has something negative to tell about the public service. We do not work after lists in the CPS. We get concerns from the outside that the child welfare act tell us to conclude within 3 months. Some cases – where we want to impose help measures and the parents not – are being dismissed to be reopened six months forth without a concern from the outside. These cases are few and the need to be settled as dismissed with concern by the acceptance of a leader.

    • rodi
      mart. 13, 2016 @ 14:59:59

      But you are assuming that she has not worked in a CPS office. You don’t think Deutsche Welle vetted her before they reported the story?

    • ceciliebedsvaag
      apr. 10, 2016 @ 03:26:12

      Again Knut Nygaard „thinks” that Anne-Kathrine Eckbo Fangan has not worked in the Barnevernet. Even when presented with facts, the social workers will not accept facts if the facts contradict their own personal misconceptions about the world. Knut Nygaard is a sectarian who believes strongly in the healing powers of Barnevernet. He preaches the gospel of Barnevernet on every forum. Barnevernet is our new savior, Knut Nygaard keeps telling us, and Knut Nygaard himself, is the prophet of Barnevernet. Yes, but he is a false prophet. Do not believe what Knut Nygaard is preaching. He is a blasphemous „Christian” who thirst for more children to put in foster care. Let the children come to Barnevernet, is the message of Knut Nygaard. Children do not need their parents, they only need the social workers and foster workers of Barnevernet, is the assertion put forward. Knut Nygaard is devoid of truth. He is the quintessential false prophet. Beware of him. Do not listen to his lies about how Barnevernet only interfer when all other measures have been tried. It is simply not true. Barnevernet intrudes in the family life and deprives children needlessly of their parents. It is not needed. The social workers who work on a global scale, needs the children and are willing to take them from the parents to serve their own ends. This is very egoistical and lacks the children’s perspective. Children should never be a mean to others; children are an end in themselves, but that Knut Nygaard can never understand.

      • rodi
        apr. 10, 2016 @ 20:10:29

        Cecilie, thank you for that passionate response. We must keep Knut in our prayers, if God can touch more of the social worker’s hearts, there can truly be a change then. Otherwise, their indoctrination will drive them to say some things which the rest of us can see as very cruel and inhumane, the separation of mother and small children (or children of any age, for that matter) for trivial and concocted reasons is one of the most inhumane forms of punishments known to mankind. And most people know that without having to be taught.

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