April 16th – Adelaide, Australia Global Protest for the Bodnariu family and others affected

Protest for the Bodnariu family and the many others affected.

Protest for the Bodnariu family and the many others affected.  (Facebook page)

Saturday, April 16 at 1 PM 2 PM

Parliament House – Adelaide

North Tce, Adelaide, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

The pamphlets have finally been printed in English and Romanian. I would like to say a BIG thank you to Daniel who took time off work and sacrificed a few good hours to translate this document in Romanian. We truly appreciate your effort and now more people can be reached. smile emoticon

If you feel this will work for your own protest, please get in touch via message and I’ll send you a PDF.

Time to get folding and ready for the weekend when the first batch will be distributed. Let’s keep the conversation going. Ilie Toma

The pamphlets have finally been printed in English and Romanian.

The pamphlets have finally been printed in English and Romanian. Photo Ilie Toma

Who is Barnevernet?
Barnevernet is the Child Protection Service (CPS) of Norway. Barnevernet was established by the Child Welfare Act of 1992 „to ensure that children and young people who live in conditions that can harm their health and development are given the necessary help and care at the right time” and „to help children and young people have a safe childhood.” CPS claims to be responsible for implementing measures for children and their families in situations where there are special needs in relation to the home environment. It claims to assist with advisory services, relief measures and access to day care.The Bodnariu story
Ruth and Marius Bodnariu have 5 children between the ages of 5 months and 10 years old ~ 2 girls and 3 boys; A loving, Christian family living in Naustdal, Norway. On the 16th of November, 2015, Barnevernet has dramatically and traumatically changed their life forever. Marius and Ruth’s parental rights were grossly violated via the unwarranted confiscation of their girls from school and the boys (including the nursing 3-month old baby) from home. Marius was arrested from work by Norwegian authorities. Both parents were interrogated without access to a lawyer, and Marius was not permitted an interpreter. The children were separated from each other as well and put up in three different foster homes. Despite Norwegian authorities grossly abusing their power in tearing apart their family, Marius and Ruth have transparently complied with all Norwegian authority investigations for the return of their children. Throughout this entire ordeal, Norwegian authorities have employed intimidation tactics and overly excessive zeal to interrogate the children with leading questions designed to implicate the parents, secure incriminating evidence against them, and cover-up evidence supporting the parents in their defense against the irrational, extreme and unsubstantiated allegations brought against them.
Norwegian authorities have admitted that they are unfamiliar with the nature and quality of parental care that Marius and Ruth have provided their children. Yet, these same authorities spitefully and maliciously insist on the revocation of Marius and Ruth’s parental rights and vindictively continue in expediting proceedings for the adoption of Marius and Ruth’s children. It is with these concerns in mind that we are protesting so that their story is shared and we raise awareness of this tragedy
Is this a unique case?
Sadly, no. Many families have been affected and from many different backgrounds such as Lithuania, USA, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey, Norway, Brazil, Slovenia, India, Sweden, Iraq and England. This international protest is to show solidarity for the Bodnariu family, but we also fight for all the known and unknown cases who are too afraid to speak up. Norway’s CPS confiscated 53,088 children in 2014. Approximately 40% of cases have immigrant background and a majority are of mixed race where one partner is a foreigner. Almost immediately after confiscating the children from their families, Barnevernet ceases the parental rights in court where the parents have no ‘substantial’ grounds and can’t stand a chance against a manipulating CPS system and government-paid lawyers, judges and psychologists. Therefore, majority of parents lose custody and the children are immediately placed in foster care, with minimal, supervised visits allowed each year. In some cases, the children are put up for adoption without consent. Children are told lies such that the parents gave them up or are going to die soon. The children’s cries for their parents are not taken in consideration whatsoever. So is Barnevernet for the child’s best interest like they propagate? Apparently and evidently NOT!www.bodnariufamily.org


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