The Process of Knowing – Epistemology, Knowledge, Transformative learning

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Esther L. Meek, Dr. Tim J. Basselin, and Bill Hendricks discuss the process of knowing, focusing on one?s personal involvement in experiencing and discovering truth.…

00:15 Dr. Meek?s interest in epistemology
04:30 The contribution of Michael Polanyi to philosophy
09:29 The flaws in Western approaches to knowledge
15:22 Personal interaction and covenant epistemology
22:53 The process of knowing and its impact on the knower
28:45 God and the personalization of reality
34:48 Indwelling and the pursuit of knowledge
37:18 Contrasting the indwelling of physical space with the indwelling of ideas
39:20 One?s response to reality and its response to a person
44:02 Pledge, openness and transformative learning…

VIDEO by Dallas Theological Seminary

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