April 16th – Brisbane, Australia Protest on behalf of the Bodnariu family and others

April 16th Global Protest for Bodnariu family


MARCH & RALLY 2:00 – 4:00 pm (local time)


Hundreds of deeply concerned Australians will join a peaceful procession past the Norwegian Consulate in BRISBANE City and will also hold a rally in Queens Park Brisbane to protest against the systematic unlawful seizure of children by the BARNEVERNET, (the Norvegian Government sponsored “Child Protection Service”).
Among several other similar cases, we give our unwavering support to Marius and Ruth Bodnariu, a mixed Romanian-Norwegian couple who had their five (5) children aged between 3 month and 9 years, forcefully removed on 16 November 2015, based on ridiculous and unsubstantiated allegations of “religious indoctrination and physical abuse”.

Why do we want to show our support?

Millions of migrants left their homeland to escape political and religious persecution at the hands of the Communist regimes. Many others left seeking a better life abroad. As well as in other welcoming countries, thousands resettled in Norway where they have maintained their deeply held Christian traditional values and religious beliefs according to the freedoms guaranteed by their adoptive countries.

On November 16, 2015 Norway’s Child Protective Services, known in Norway as Barnevernet, seized the five (5) children of Marius and Ruth Bodnariu under cover of darkness without a court order. Four police officers and two social workers stormed the family home, accused the parents of abusing their children, and seized the children, aged between three (3) months and 9 years old at that time. Inappropriate comments were made about the family’s religious faith, including the allegation that their religion inhibits the proper development of the children.

Norway has a long history of targeting the natural family and has a systematic policy of removing ethnic children from their immigrant parents and placing them in foster homes, depriving the parents of their parental rights, and then putting the children up for adoption.

Since November 16, 2015, tens of thousands of Romanians have held peaceful marches and rallies in Romania, numerous cities across Europe, North America, and Australia, in order to protest against the violation of the Bodnariu family’s parental rights and parental autonomy. More demonstrations are planned in Norway, Poland, Russia, the Czeck Republic and other countries of origin of the families which have also been victimized by Norway’s Child Protection Services.

On April 16, 2016 we cordially invite everyone who is willing to support this particular cause as well as the other anonymous families who do not have a voice to represent them before the international public opinion.

Time participants to assemble in Queens Park: 2:00 PM

International Protest coordinator:
Cristian Ionescu, Chicago, 847-636-1744;
Email: cristianionescu@elimro.com

Brisbane, Australia contact:
Alex Roman +61 450 728 460



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