April 16th, Global Protests against Barnevernet


April 16th is going to be a great day! Not only will Christians petition God and governments for the release of the Bodnariu family, but also God’s name will be lifted high and up in major capitals and cities of the world, like never before. And God gave Romanians the honor to act in faith on behalf of the Bodnariu children and other oppressed families around the globe.

Blogs to follow for detailed information as the date comes closer and closer:

Pastor Cristian Ionescu – http://popaspentrusuflet.wordpress.com

Bodnariu family BLOG – http://Bodnariu.org

Bodnariu family Facebook Page – Norway Return the children to Bodnariu Family – https://www.facebook.com/Norway-Return-the-children-to-Bodnariu-Family-744234959015965/?fref=ts

Din partea familiei Bodnariu:

Multumim tuturor celor care se implica in acest protest global. Pentru cei care intentioneaza sa organizeze protest in orasul/tara lor si vor sa ne informeze, de asemenea, sa intre in posesia materialelor pentru protest, ne puteti scrie la bodnariu.protest@gmail.com
Thanks to all who got involved in this global protest. For those planning to organize protests in their city / country and who wants to inform us, also to get protests material, you can write to bodnariu.protest@gmail.com (Sursa – Norway Return the children to Bodnariu Family)

April 16

Information that we already have for the following cities at the links below:

CANADA – Toronto, Calgary,

AUSTRALIA – Adelaide, , Brisbane , Melbourne

EUROPE – Oslo, Norway; Bergen, Norway, Stryn, Norway; Arganda del Rey, Spain; Budapest, Hungary; Warsaw, Poland; London, England; Berlin, Germany


U.S.A – Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California’ Boise, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois;


Global protest pro Bodnariu 

April, 16th 2016 (English version)

VIDEO by Norway, Return the Children to Bodnariu Family

Protest global pro Bodnariu 

16 Aprilie 2016 (versiune in romana)

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