Sursa - Maria Goron

Sursa – Maria Goron


There are two days remaining to April 16, 2016 set for the worldwide demonstrations against Norway’s notorious inquisition instrumentality which for years is confiscating the little children from their parents! That day it just happen to be a day of Sabbath, according to the ancient lunar calendar which was the guidance for the religious authorities at Jerusalem.

Norway’s imperious Writs have been set aside, and no longer are serving as guidance for the honoring of all human dignity infused by the Almighty God in both parents and children!

The Divine laws set forth in the Bible, if ever taken seriously in the Norway’s kingdom. also have been set aside by drastic indifference of royal and governmental authorities toward the plight of so many injured young parents immigrants by Norway’s official governmental oppression and unprecedented injustice! These young parents are grieving in silence for many years hoping to receive unto themselves their most precious gifts of Heaven: their little children confiscated by the odious and life destroyer, Barnevernet! Both parents’ and their children’s fundamental rights and human dignity has been trampled under the feet of Norway’s secretive regime and its odious instrumentality Barnevernet.

No less than their parents, the children also suffer in silence, traumatized and emotionally affected for the rest of their lives, at the hands of cruel and most demonic instrumentality ever invented in the modern halls of Northern European legislatures! As such, the majority of people of Northern European nations have chosen to remain silent and to docilely acquiesce to their governments’ purported child protection schemes! Lower and high courts included!

Now that the day of judgment is hovering above Norway and its instrumentality Barnevernet, it is fitting to remind those who will bear witness to such reckoning day, to not be silent on that day of 16. The LIBERTY and Freedom pursued for the Bodnarius’ children [and many other children of immigrants held captives by Norway’s justice system] must be accompanied by historic pronouncements by millions of people in the public squares during the revolutions of Eastern Europe in December, 1989. For example, those millions of people held captives behind the Iron Curtain boldly and determined, in unison chanted these precious virtues sent by God Almighty to the oppressed humanity: „Liberty, Liberty”, or „Freedom, Freedom”.

In the case at hand, there should be noisy choruses of such chanting „Liberty for Bodnariu Children”, or „Norway, Let Our Children Free”, or „Norway, Free Our Children You Hold Captives”, or „Let Our Little Children Go in Freedom”, or „Norway, Release Bodnarius’ Children in Freedom”, or „Norway, Grant Liberty to Our Children You Hold Captives”, or „Barnevernet, Release Our Little Children You Have Snatched with Aid of the Police”, or „Barnevernet, Let Our Little Children Go”, or „Norway, Today the World With Us Bears Witness to Your Cruelties Inflicted on the Bodnarius and their Children”, or „Norway, Let Our Little Children go in Liberty”, or „Liberty for Bodnarius’ Little Children”.

These are powerful verbal chants in any revolutionary public square, and they can be even more powerful in any public square of a free nation which enjoys true liberty and well being.

May God Almighty inspire and provide a meaningful relief which the Bodnarius are pleading for a long time before the Throne of Heaven and before the judicial benches of Norway’s authorities!

Anthony Ianosel L.C.

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  1. le
    apr. 15, 2016 @ 15:14:07

    Mi se pare mie sau gresesc Ianosel este nume romanesc?
    Multumim pt ignorarea fratilor romani;
    Domnul sa va binecuvanteze !

    • rodi
      apr. 15, 2016 @ 15:34:46

      Da, fratele e roman. Trebuie sa va dati seama ca timpul este scurt si nu se ajunge la traducerea tuturor articolelor, dar tinta principala este guvernul norvegian.

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