The Federalist reports on the BODNARIU case and the dark side of Norway

The Federalist newspaper about the Bodnariu case

A lengthy article on the Bodnariu family’s plight, written by Jayme Metzgar in the Federalist. Here is an excerpt with the ending  argument as to why AMERICANS SHOULD CARE about the BODNARIU case:

Scandinavia is in vogue on the American Left. Throughout this campaign season, Bernie Sanders and his disciples have pointed to the region as a shining example of their vision for “democratic socialism.” (After all, images of quaint Nordic streets are far more appealing than disaster zones like Venezuela.) While opinions vary on just how economically socialist Scandinavia really is, its nations undoubtedly offer a far more comprehensive social safety net than the United States.

But a recent child welfare controversy in Norway shows the dark side of this utopia. When government assumes a “nanny state” responsibility for its citizens, it also tends to assume a frightening degree of control over their daily lives. The results can be devastating—and decidedly undemocratic.


Why Americans Should Care

“Fine,” you might be thinking, “but why should this far-off case matter to me?” For several reasons.

First, it should remind Americans that socialist systems will always compete with the family. This is clearly reflected in Norway’s child welfare law, which ominously declares: “The municipality shall closely monitor the conditions in which children live.” Once a collectivist mindset takes hold, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to trickle down into parenting and family policies.

This should remind Americans that socialist systems will always compete with the family.

Second, this case highlights a divide between Eastern and Western Europe we shouldn’t overlook. A Romanian-American friend put it this way: “A staple of Russian propaganda is to reinforce the notion that the West’s emphasis on individual freedom is, in fact, a ruse used to justify the state’s insidious assault on the traditional notion of the family.” Norway’s persecution of a Romanian Christian family, a case well-publicized in the Russian media, feeds this narrative. Romania remains a pro-Western (or at least anti-Russian) nation, but its neighbors are on the edge. America would do well to send a clear signal that Norway’s heavy-handedness is, in fact, the very antithesis of freedom.

Finally, this case should matter simply because it’s an injustice—and unlike so many of those in the world, it’s not hard to solve. Barnevernet has the power to bring the Bodnariu children home tomorrow. In fact, its March hearing resulted in baby Ezekiel, now eight months old, being returned to his parents. Barnevernet has also backed off its original plan to put the children up for adoption. It’s now “merely” seeking permanent foster placement for Eliana, Naomi, Matthew, and John until adulthood.

Attorneys worry that the longer the family is kept apart, the smaller their chance of reunification becomes.

That hearing will take place May 31, but attorneys worry that the longer the family is kept apart, the smaller their chance of reunification becomes. Incredibly, while Norway’s child welfare law contains no mention of a child’s natural bond with his parents, it does acknowledge a potential bond with foster parents. After two years in foster care, the law becomes biased against returning the child home.

Norway is feeling the international pressure, but family advocates say America’s opinion is the one that really counts. They hope Americans and U.S. politicians will take note and speak out. Just as we would not look kindly upon countries who punish crimes by stoning or amputation, neither should we accept excessive, inhumane punishments levied by “civilized” nations.

Norway should immediately restructure its child welfare system to restore humanity and accountability, in compliance with international law. But first, it should reunite the Bodnariu family and end this nightmare.

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