Adelaide, AUSTRALIA Against Barnevernet – Daniel Popa’s Speech 16/04/16

Adelaide, AUSTRALIA Against Barnevernet - Daniel Popa's Speech 16:04:16

Daniel Popa was one of the organizers for the April 16th protest in Adelaide, Australia. Listen to his speech in the video below (15 minutes).

Despite Norwegian authorities grossly abusing their power in tearing apart this family, Marius & Ruth, as loving and concerned parents, have transparently and openly complied with all Norwegian authority investigations for the return of their children. Throughout this entire ordeal, Norwegian authorities have employed intimidation tactics and overly excessive zeal to interrogate the Bodnariu children with leading questions designed to inculpate the parents, secure incriminating evidence against the parents, and cover-up evidence supporting the parents in their defence against the irrational, extreme, and unsubstantiated allegations brought against them.
Norwegian authorities have outright admitted, and clarified, that they are unfamiliar with, and uncertain of, the nature and quality of parental care that Marius & Ruth have provided to their children. Yet, these same Norwegian authorities spitefully and malevolently insist on the revocation of Marius & Ruth’s parental rights and vindictively continue in expediting proceedings for the reprehensible adoption of Marius & Ruth’s children.

VIDEO by Trisha Popa

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  1. Esteraciama31
    apr. 26, 2016 @ 19:13:11

    Nu ne vom opri pînă BARNEVERNET nu va elibera toți copiii …!!!

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