The State of Evangelicalism – Dr. Darrell Bock with Dr. Ed Stetzer – Dallas Theological Seminary

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The State of Evangelicalism

In this episode, Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Ed Stetzer discuss the state of Evangelicalism in America, focusing on how to minister in a shifting culture.…

00:14 Introduction to the event
02:28 What is Evangelicalism?
08:00 What does the Evangelical spectrum look like?
17:51 Is Evangelicalism really collapsing?
21:51 Evangelicalism?s impact around the United States
25:41 Ministering in a shifting culture
28:37 Teaching the Scriptures and doing apologetics today
33:30 Invitation for questions
33:59 Evangelical stereotypes and evangelism
45:15 Closing summary…

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