Christian News Network: Over 100 Attorneys Petition Norway Prime Minister for Return of Children Seized Over Parents’ Faith

The news of the seizing of the 5 Bodnariu children by Norway’s Child Protective Services is still taking the United States by storm.. Two more articles in 2 major online publications: The Christian Times and the following article from Christian News Network which has over a million Facebook followers/readers excerpts from the document sent to the Prime Minister of Norway, Eran Solberg:

Bodnariu family in Christian News May 15th

The Bodnariu family’s case in the May 15th edition of CHRISTIAN NEWS

Christian News:

“Barnevernet’s own documents attest to the fact that the family’s faith and religious values were at the core of the officials’ discussions when debating the children’s seizure,” it says. “Barnevernet disapproved of the parenting style of the parents because, it concluded, it was ‘based on the Bible.’”

The president of the Alliance for Romania’s Families, an attorney who has had access to court records surrounding the case, has also concluded that the family’s faith was a factor in the children’s seizure.

“Documents and minutes of meetings have emerged since the abduction showing that as early as … more than a month before the children were taken into custody, the officials at Naustdal municipality disapproved of the parenting style of the Bodnariu parents, believing it, after questioning the children, to be based on the Bible,” he explained in February. “They plainly state that Barnevernet ‘is worried that this is a way of upbringing which is justified by the Bible.’”

Costea outlined that “[t]he documents also mention that the children were ‘brought up to respect God and their parents’ values.’”

“Barnevernet interpreted this as a possible conflict between the children’s assumed inability to live up to their parents’ value expectations and faith and that the parents’ religion could create an ‘inner conflict’ in the children and a stressful family environment,” he continued. “Religion is bad for children, Barnevernet’s minutes seem to say, and too much religion is lawful justification for snatching children away from their parents.”

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