Norwegian poet for Norway’s National Day: The white stands for emptiness and betrayal. You are cold, Norway. Downright cold

There is no celebration today for all of the poor families whose children have been stolen out of their parent’s home.

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Norway's National Day Foto

A great observation and contribution from Steven Bennett:

This really touched my heart – I just couldn’t not share this.

It was written today by a Norwegian poet for the National Day of Norway, an official national holiday observed on 17 May each year. (May 17, 1814)

It has two parts. The first part is what the Norwegian authorities want you to see and the second part is the reality of living in Norway for thousands of families:

Beautiful Norway, every year you let us celebrate you in the glorious spring. You show yourself in your finest garment: buds are in bloom, the sun warms and gives hope of summer and school holidays, all your introverted residents emanate from their homes and greet even the unfamiliar ones with warm hugs and ‘happy celebrations’.

They dress the children in their most imposing splendor, give them money for ice cream…

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